• Photo: Courtesy of the Chicago History Museum  

Photo: Courtesy of the Chicago History Museum  

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Meet The Original Influencers from the 30s and 40s Fashion

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9 April 2019

The word of the day is influencer. But from where all this unlimited area of fashion takes its roots from? The Chicago History Museum makes a smart move towards fashion evolution and comes with the idea that the original influencers are the ones from the 30s and 40s. "From Silver Screen to Mainstream: American Fashion in the 1930s and '40s" exhibitions shows how much the American influence of that era is a factor of major importance for what the socialites expose. 

The exhibition contains pieces of clothing that focus on one thing: replacing the Parisian powerful fashion center with Hollywood between the Wall Street clash and the World War II. Still, regarding couture, Paris is ireplaceable. Everyone from the high society fled to Paris to buy garments. 

"During the period before [the 1930s] - well, for centuries - Paris had been the center of fashion. And then the movies came about and people's focus was changed. The movies were remarkable in that they went across all social spectrums, from the poorest to the richest. As a consequence, the costume designers in movies were the early influencers." says curator Virginia Heaven. 

Regarding this parralel of American and Paris fashion, the curator says: "I always think that European clothes are very much more about the designer than the wearer, whereas American clothes are very much more about the wearer than the designer. Even though there are distinctive brands, it's much more about the comfort and the movability - the being comfortable and beautiful and elegant. That's what American designers care about." 

It's an interesting fact to observe the two world in terms of fashion. We can notice that Paris has the technique part while Hollywood has the stars part. The two match perfectly! And that is the perfect mix for nowadays influencers, too. 

Author Andra Oprea