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Makeup collaboration Dita Von Teese


1 May 2012

One of the leaders in the production of decorative beauty product, the ARTDECO firm (CEO Helmut Baurecht), announced the collaboration with Dita Von Teese for the creation of a line reminding of celebrity faces.

A lot of American brands tried without ever succeeding, and it is the German firm which carried off negotiations: the brand ARTDECO will have in effect the approval to create a range under the aegis of the burlesque star. Why this brand there and not other one? Dita Von Teese explained that she could here be free for the design of products, that she would have her word to be said concerning textures and colours. « It is my name which there will be on products, and it should not end to this! I have requirements in makeup, that's why we shall develop this collection together. Moreover, products are qualitative, but remain also accessible, and it is what I wished for my fans.»

The collaboration, which was sealed in Paris on April 28th this year, represent a real challenge for the brand, as confirmed by the marketing head, Anna Blasco-Salvat: « It is the first collection on which we work in so intense; it is a long-drawn-out job, and it is not a question of measuring in the best products of the market but surpassing them. »

The choice of Helmut Baurecht, CEO of the brand, it is carried on Dita Von Teese: « Dita is for me the personified makeup glamour, it was therefore normal that we liked to work with her on this plan. » The family firm also hopes, thanks to the wingspan of such tournament, to put her position in the long term on the market, and Matthias Baurecht promises to be also ready to succeed at the head of the society, his numerous national and international experiments in pocket that can help it to continue the development begun by the father.

When they ask Dita what she likes to make in her spare time, this one does not hesitate: « My leisure, it is my job, and to me days off are really rare. » Dita was born in Michigan,a natural blonde and always her icons have been Marlene Dietrich or even Rita Hayworth. Every exit of her home hides behind a whole team of hairdressers and stylists. As she said herself, Dita is a make-up artist and is really a domain where she demands her independence.

And if they lean over her beauty secrets, she smiles and explains: « I make no mystery on my routine beauty, and I give good advice readily in my circle. The most important in the end, it is the practice, practice, nothing plays it, until makeup is perfect. » They imagine therefore the numerous hours crossed in front of the mirror till you can find your own style, Dita Von Teese style. She declares to appreciate playing with colours and test them. During this stage « of experimentation », it also left itself recommended by acknowledged beauty specialists. « It was for me means to discover mark ARTDECO and extraordinary quality of its products, I was very proud of result. »

Dita without makeup, a myth? Not certainly, but only when she is sick or she is not feeling well? Otherwise, according to her, excusing for not wearing make-up. Even if she doesn't go out, it sports her trademark, the red mouth to kiss. She has developed different stages of make up, which go of the minimal to the maximum. It is not therefore unknown to her how to put make-up in 2 minutes, for a combination between powder, red with lips and sunglasses, for an exit on shopping or on bric-à-brac trade for instance. For a more worked out make-up, she declares to need about 30 minutes. To be natural is for her a true private step: « Certainly that I do not lie down made up. 

« Certainly that I go to bed with makeup on. Makeup is for me a mean of seduction and without make-up I prove to be more fragile. That's why you will never see me without. »

And her career of burlesque dancer, a life destiny? « I always wanted to make something prohibited, to break a taboo and to break plates on striptease. » Since she had made her debut, 20 years earlier, the burlesque was not really in fashion and had a rather controversial picture. Thanks to her refined and sophisticated style, it made it a smart art incredibly. This turnaround showed her that she has been right andthat she had made well to believe in it.

And fashion in all this? Dita develops a small collection of dresses with an Australian brand nowadays. She hopes that this one will be soon available internationally.

Later during this press party, Dita Von Teese has enrapture with an extract from her art: dressedwith royal blue girdle and and of a misty petticoat, she took out from a gold powder compact, such a houpette delicate. Dita so reinforced his roleas an glamour icon and outright star of the ludicrous stage, representing a beauty in perfection, who even undressed remains a sort of elegance and incredible innocence.

Source: beautypress.fr