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Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion


28 August 2019

Makeup is a passion related to beauty and aesthetics, an art for many and a way of living for most of the women. That's why my interview with Irina Awad from Allure Makeup was meant to reaveal what is lying behind this passion filled with powder, brushes, colors and versatile looks.

One passion that wears one name: makeup! Where did it all come from?

As far as I know from my mom, it all started during childhood years when I was spending hours painting in my room. I was always fascinated by color combinations. Later on, in my teenager years I liked playing with makeup on my cousin or friends anytime I got the chance.. but I never thought this could all turn out into an actual career. Makeup can be such fun.. especially when it's both passion and job.

What's in the makeup that stirs enthusiasm, what are the tricks that triggers one woman's mind into it? What makes a woman wear makeup?

I think there's something special behind it, that can make you feel good while wearing it. It has the power to enhance or totally change someone's features. But without taking it too seriously, it is a form of art that we can just play and get creative with. Since the ancient times, people loved applying colors on their face and body.. 2020 almost, and we still do!

What are the makeup gurus in the world who influenced you? What do you liked the most with their beauty style?

I remember watching Carli Bybel and Mario Dedivanovic in their early videos, trying to recreate those amazing looks they did back then! And I always liked analysing celebrities' makeup looks while watching music videos since I was a kid in the 90's. Gwen Stefani's bold brown lipstick was.. the bomb, isn't it!

How do you see make-up industry in the futur, the trends to come and your place in this beauty world?

It's never been a better time for beauty industry as it is now. And there's a place for everyone here as long as people remember that quality is the best business plan there is. Trends may come and go, but a classic makeup will never go out of style - such as a black eyeliner or a statement red lip, flattering lashes, natural brows and rosy checks.. Lovely! I am so happy taking care of my clients' makeup in this beauty world, anytime.. anywhere, as long as I have my brushes with me.

Interview by Andra Oprea