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Makeup Beauty Color Trends Autumn Winter, part 2

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15 July 2015

In the first part of the themes of the week, cosnova beauty experts, Paul Mitchell® / Stagecolor and Max Factor presented the color trends for the autumn-winter 2015-2016. For this second part, beautypress presents expert advice, step by step, to achieve trendy look!

Look 1 - Dark Romance

Burcu Koc, Junior Manager Trends & Innovation GmbH cosnova

For Burcu Koc Autumn-Winter season will be romantic - but not glamorous romantic, rather the mysterious and dark romantic! On the first part, it said that "the lips will stain dark red tones and black plum color." In the Dark Romance look Burcu Koc we find deep red lips as the central with a more erased makeup for the rest of the face.

For the foundation, it proposes to use the Nude and apply a very thin layer on the face.

Then she suggests to redraw the contours of the face by applying colorful makeup.

Eye makeup meanwhile remains very light, with just a little bit of black mascara.

All the attention is on the lips! She invites you to apply a dark lipstick from the middle to extend the lipstick to the edges.

To summarize Step by step "Dark lipstick gives a mystique, elegant and serious look. "

Look 2 - A sexy look

Stephan Schmied, Max Factor Make-up Artist

The Make-up Artist presents his eye makeup technique with shadows.

For starters, it invites you to apply a little foundation on the face and mask minor redness and other imperfections with concealer.

Then, to give a sexy and seductive look, it offers you to apply the kajal black or brown all over eye area. A coal black eye shadow adds an extra glamor. The eyeshadow is applied to the entire eyelid to brow. To add a brilliant effect, you can use a makeup transparent glossy lid.

To perfect the look, he suggests you to apply a generous coat of mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Finally, the lips are colored with a sober color.

"Marsala also will play a key role in the Fall-Winter 2015-2016 season," said Stephan Schmied in the first part of the theme of the week. This color can also be applied in addition to black coal eyes, "it adds some spice to the look."

Look 3 - Marsala goes Beauty!

Emile van Tile, Fachtrainerin und für Paul Mitchell® Stagecolor

Emile van Tile offers an "all red" look or more accurately Marsala! "This warm shade is perfect, lets make up the lips, eyes and nails. The color red wine gives a look that is both sophisticated and glamorous. According to the expert, "Regardless of whether to go to work for a business meeting or a romantic dinner - this color attracts attention! "

First you apply a day cream to prepare the skin for the foundation. Then place concealer to hide the redness and other imperfections "the clearer the skin complexion, the more you will look Marsala! "Then we redesigns facial contours highlighting the bones. To fix and give a matt complexion makeup, a large brush and a little powder is used.

She suggests using eyebrow powder or wax to redraw their curvature, enlarge or thicken.

For the eyelids, she invites you to use a light color, pastel on top and bottom. This provides a magnification effect and depth to the look. Then you can apply a dark shade as the Marsala in the crease of the eyelid and on the outer edges of the eyes. To do this, you can use a small brush and spread the makeup from outside to inside to give a professional effect. To add depth to the look, the outline of the lashes receives a black kajal. Similarly - you apply outside inwards. To finish, apply a generous layer of masacara on eyebrows.

For lips, it offers you to put on a special contours to prevent the lipstick flows - this is particularly important for dark lips. In terms of color, it will be attached as a matt Marsala for example. Finally, you can use a fixative powder for burning lips effect!

Emile van Tile recommends Marsala look for those with blue or green eyes because this color will make them stand out even more. But those with brown eyes can rest assured, the effect is also the rendezvous!