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Maison des Centraliers

lifestyle & tra…deco

16 November 2011

The fiber Antron® offer of special qualities for the areas of the residential and of 

sales and marketing person having a medium company in raised, furthermore it is available in one 

broad fan of colours, structures, motives and models.

- Resistance in warmth: there is a vast range of moquettes hardly 

inflammable, fabricated with Antron® carpet grain. 

(In reaction to fire, classifications Bfl and Cfl according to norm IN 13501-1 

(before B1 DIN 4102) is the most overdemanding who exist for the surfaces of 

soil textile industries.)

- Resistance in wear: Moquettes fabricated with Antron


carpet grain are 

unusually resistant and lasting. This is translated of 3 ways:

o Thanks to the very good impact strength of grains subjected to a pressure, a velvet there 

grains Antron® his initial form following displacement of can resume 

chairs and of pieces of furniture, leaving only minimal traces.

o The resistance to the wear of grains Antron® empeche the loss of grains due to 


o The resistance of grains Antron® against crushing and leading training 

of passage allows the moquette to keep permanently its aspect.

- Lesser sticking of smudges

o Thanks to the reduced and smooth surface of the hollow grains Antron ® Legacy ™,

Antron®Lumena ™ and in the well brought up cristallinité of the polyamide 6.6, smudges 

stick more hardly and cleaning is made easier.

- Antistatic ownership

o The sons Antron® carpet grain contain fine grains drivers there 

polyamide which protect electrostatic against expenses for the duration of 

life of the moquette 3

HTW Design Carpet 

Some words of history:

In 1880 Karl Wilhelm Koch and Jerry Koch melt the firm together 

of production of moquettes \" axminster «. 

It is as at that time as was created mark \" Halbmond \".

In 1913 already, the firm sees itself granting the gold medal in the living room 

international of building materials of Leipzig. 

Numerous differentiations of the same type will follow, in Chicago or in 

Antwerp for instance.

From 1990, after the fall of the wall, the firm takes the name of  

\"Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH\" and she starts one, from 1994, 

vast program of restructuring. 

Since then, manufacture concentrates exclusively on the manufacture of moquettes Chromojet, 

what goes hand in hand with a choice of colleagues highly skilled. 

It is in this epoch there that the department HTW Design Carpet – Design was born and 


In 1996, Halbmond is bought back by the English Holding company Allied Textile PLC. 

But in 2007 the CEO Dr. Ralf Litzenberg and his right hand acquire them two 100 % of 

parts of the capital.

Strong points:

Having completed successfully the program of investment thrown there 

On 1994, it is in 2008 when the firm inaugurates the installation of 

any new technique of manufacture with injection of ink (chromojet), 

the most competitive system of the world. 

This technique, of a very high suppleness - being able to inject until

24 colours at the same time – allows the penetration of colours until 

woof, while guaranteeing an unequalled precision of drawings.

And these quality criteria allow an economic production 

even for small quantities. 

It goes without saying that the used materials answer the highest

requirements; that\'s how for 80 % of production in grain 

synthetic material we use the polyamide grain 6.6 Antron ®.

Result gives moquettes, width, slabs or modules, extremely resistant to wear, 

fabricated only according to individual requests of design and colours of the customers. 

HTW Design Carpet is the partner advice for every customer who is interested in the products of 


His professionals of the textile soil, sales and marketing people, designers, technicians, etc accompany 

customer in creation, elaboration and pose of moquettes which will be fabricated 

exclusively for him.


The Home Martin Margiela was created in 1988 by Martin Margiela, qualified of the Academy 

Royal of the Fine arts of Antwerp. Then, he was during 3 years assistant de Jean-Paul Gaultier, 

then from 1998 till 2005, Artistic director of collections women d\' Hermès.

Home Martin Margiela has boutiques in France, in Japan, in Italy, in GrandeBretagne, in Germany, in Dubaï, in Korea, in Taiwan and in Belgium today!

Forerunner and pioneer, Home Martin Margiela plays minimalism and anonymity, 

\"sign\" his creations of a white tab, make sometimes march his concealed models and 

answer questions collectively.

In 2010, Home Martin Margiela, indicated following a competition, intervenes on the party 

ancient of the Home of Centraliens, dating epoch Napoleon III, and re-thinks of the space 

for céer of suites, a restaurant, a smoking-room, a bar and a reception. The Home conceived it 

plan in an approach of continuity in comparison with its own artistic history, by offering 

a place harmonious and tinted with surrealism. For the realization of this plan, the Home has 

worked jointly with other artists, landscapists and electricians notably 5

Home of Centraliens, new fleuron of the Gold triangle

The unforeseen place which conjugates generosity and poem, luxury and lightness, pleasure and 


In 2009, the Home of Centraliens loads ODO of sound   

resurgence: cleaning, renovation of the roofing, bets in 

norms, renovation of the 40 existent rooms, creation of dixsept rooms and suites conceived by Home Martin Margiela so 

that the smoking-room, the restaurant of 80 place settings and his bar, opening on 

the wooden terrace which receives 40 place settings in summer, and gives on 

private garden. 

So, 8, street Jean Goujon finds has the time its centralienne identity and a prestigious place 

on the Parisian stage.

As certify it the facade which found all its splendour and the eagle of the First Empire which 

keep the staircase of honour, the resurgence of the Home of Centraliens was made in 

respect for the heritage of the School and for the architecture of the particular hotel.

Emblematic of the place, living rooms Second Empire of the hotel of Essling, on the second floor, have 

restored in identity, mouldings restored in the leaf by craftsmen of art. In the basement, 

450 m2 of the living rooms were renovated and benefited from a delivery at technological level which there 

fact of working areas answering today\'s wait (wifi, barcos inserted in 


As also testify it the cleaning of the facade, the reconstruction of the roofing and 

bet disabled persons in the norms of security and in norms, the partners were situated in one 

perspective of long term. 

The building that Centraliens and visitors discover today was seen again there 

depth: it is ready to confront the century.

Beyond this renovation, it is a true restructuring which was performed by 

the architect Danièle Damon. On the ground floor, the restaurant occupies all space consequently and 

open on the terrace and the garden which overlooks the dead end of Antin. The big glass roof who was 

constructed bath it of light and peace.

The kitchen was re-installed in the basement, and redeveloped according to norms in force. 

To the first, to the third and to the fourth floor of the particular hotel, places were liberated 

to construct the 17 rooms and suites Dressmaking entrusted, at the end of competition, in 

designers of Home Martin Margiela. They are going to contribute to make a pole of the Home

of charm and to give him an audacious notability. 5e and 6e floors were ranked for

receive consequently the central association of the Anciens élève de l\' Ecole


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