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Magic in the air at Monaco

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18 May 2017

We're talking about magic today ! Magic in the air ! With the jump of the world skydiving French champion, Sebastien Carbillet, on Monaco land !

Besides the technical parts : jumping for Medpi, a digital exhibition at Grimaldi Forum between 16 and 19 May and the brand Crosscall, known for the outdoor technology, the preparations at Heli Air Monaco, the briefing between the pilot and the skydiver, the little details about the wind, the landing, the timing ... there was this poetry that made the magic float in the air !

Just when the sunset lights got warmer and more colourful, I embarked along with Sebastien Carbillet in the helicopter piloted by Yves Helpiquet, a very cheerful and professional pilot with an experience of more than 34 years in the field. He got us all under his charm with stories that capture the heart from filming some action scenes, just a few nights before, for an American movie in the bay of Villefranche sur Mer up to meeting celebrities and discover how they are.

When we want something, we apply if it's passion

"I cannot complain ... I have situations more tense than others ... I was lucky, I had all the stars aboard, nice people. I had drivers of Formula 1, I had known singers ... Johhny Mitchel who is a nice gentleman. He and his family were people without pretensions, kindness and I made super flights with them for a year. They confine their lives in our hands and it is an exchange of confidence that must be absolute.

An unforgettable experience as a pilot?

I was the pilot this year for Christophe Dechavanne ... it is unforgettable because, as we were always late on television, we would run all the time ... a gallop without stopping. He was going live, he was playing sports, he was racing in every direction ... like madmen! (Laughter)

What about the choice of becoming a pilot?

Let's say I was not good at mathematics ... and, as the professors were not broad-minded, they have already condemned me not to be a pilot. And when you're passionate, it's a serious mistake. After that, it proves that passion takes on ... so we also make the necessary effort because it is true that I was regularly bad in mathematics ... but when we want something we apply!

And for tonight?

It is a continuity, it is a supplementary work that I do for Heli Monaco and we do a lot of it. We are leaders in Monaco on this kind of special activities and we have to be serious. We must not take ourselves seriously but to be serious.

I've been flying since 1978 ... everyone takes me for an old gentleman ... I started very young: glider, plane, plane to tow gliders, instructor to learn to glide the others, instructor to learn to tow the gliders ... Jacques Brel said he doesn't have much talent, it is passion and work, a lot of work to be able to call it later a talent. " (Yves Helpiquet)


Definitely conquered by these stories and filled with desire to know even more. It is a whole world that brings together heli flying, air adventures, filming, action, stars and amazing views - for sure, one you can achieve while flying with Heli Air!

A feeling of freedom for Sebastien Carbillet

And with these stories on, we floated on air and captured Sebastien's emotions and his focus on Monaco land. He calculated the wind speed, its direction, he targeted the landing point, just a little spot down there at Grimaldi Forum and he launched himself into the void with this amazing background at our feet. How amazing is that?! He fixed his point and, all of the sudden, he floated into the sky as if it was a natural thing to do. Sebastien has grown wings and he can fly ! What a dream ! And he can land wherever he wants ! What a skill !

"This morning, we arrived around 11am ... to get all the information from the organizers, the outfit, the timing and, from there, we adjusted a little. Afterwards, we looked at the weather maps, the wind ... it serves nothing to have them two hours ahead because it is an aerology can be complicated around the sea and the mountains ... we pay attention to all these and we concentrate on what we have to do. There are mandatory passes and after that, I organize myself and I also trust the elements they I receive from the ground...

Having confidence in the pilot and coordinating perfectly with him ...

That's why there is a briefing before the jump, about the level of the wind, the speed of the drop and the dropping arc at the same time. The same thing with the people who are on the ground because the jump is not done by itself, it's a constant team work: we have to verify the material, everything, all together.

What is different about jumping in Monaco compared to other places?

Monaco remains an unusual and, somehow, strict regarding the aero logical level, it remains like a sink, the aerology is permanently disturbed and disturbing for the flight...

It is an event where you cannot have a failure either in Monaco or elsewhere, there is always a special flavour. Monaco is the place of luxury and ... everyone is waiting for me to fall into the water and that is not the goal.

That's why you choose the tuxedo in Monaco?

The tuxedo is rigorous in Monaco otherwise it is a very sporty outfit in the colours of ACM or the colours of the Principality, red and white.

The most beautiful jump I've done was in front of the Palais Princière for the final of the Petanque Masters, transmitted live on TV. It was emotionally the most beautiful memory and technically it was one of the hardest to achieve because of the place that is mythical, of the time which it was at the night ... a set of elements that makes it all not that easy. But I think, besides everything, we made a very nice show.

I am a precision landing champion, I am a member of the French team. I finished the world championship in Chicago in September 2016 and for me the competition is over. Now more time for events, demonstrations, a little bit of instructing and having fun in the sky. "(Sébastien Carbillet)


I've seen Sebastien landing at the right spot (for the championship, they train by targeting and landing on a coin with the most accuracy and precision). Nothing easier for him! A feeling that flying is part of the human experience and that he is doing it naturally.

"The jump was a real pleasure and a return on Rocher. The jumps on Rocher are part of my best moments of parachuting. I think the night jump will remain forever in my memory.

After that there was a special flavour. And that is because of my mobile sponsor who has become today a real family.  For this jump above Monaco, it was calm and beautiful and having the sky for me alone was magical. Seeing everyone waiting for me on the ground made me want to please all the spectators.

The perfect aerological conditions made me jump at the right precise spot where I wanted. I also had ground support and a professional team to ensure safety, to give me the right information constantly. Without everyone, the jump could not be realized because it is a real team." (Sebastien Carbillet)


So, back to Heli Air hangar while enjoying the sunset covering the beautiful Monaco! An experience never to forget!

Special thanks Isabelle Troszynski / Heli Air

Editor Andra Oprea | Photography Stylezza




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