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Luxury Yachting World Takes an Ecological Shift

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18 September 2019

Respect for the planet, the preservation of the seas and oceans and the desire to leave a reduced ecological footprint are now essential issues for industries.
Luxury yachting is no exception to this awareness of the environmental crisis. New international rules to protect natural environments emerge and impose a series of constraints on manufacturers (hybrid propulsion to limit emissions, reducing noise pollution, use of solar panels).
Shipyards and designers are committed to providing more eco-friendly environments: cork deck coverings from recycled cork mills that replace Burma teak, sustainable forest wood, ban on plastic bottles on board filtered water tanks. Progress in reducing fuel consumption is well-known: the development of increasingly light and resistant materials, the creation of new hulls with more hydrodynamic shapes, the gradual change of foils from the world of ocean racing to that of pleasure craft and the development of engines less and less consumers ...
If the transition is slow, there is a real tendency to create more and more clean boats on the model that is practiced for land vehicles while adapting technologies to the marine world and its specificities.
"Today, technology is no longer solely for comfort, strength, security and cost savings, it must also be at the service of the environment. This is a reality that many manufacturers, engine manufacturers and equipment manufacturers have perfectly integrated as evidenced by some models of yachts or equipment that will be presented at the next edition of the Yachting Festival. "Says Sylvie Ernoult, Director of the show.
To accompany this "green" approach in a concrete way, the Yachting Festival will be hosting the "Energy Observer" educational exhibition during the Festival in Port Canto. Composed of photographs, films, virtual reality and models, this one will present the work on hydrogen and renewable energies led by the ship "Energy Observer", the first hydrogen ship. Aiming for energy self-sufficiency without the emission of greenhouse gases or fine particles, this former legendary racing boat has been repackaged into an electrically powered future-powered vessel powered by a renewable energy mix and a fuel-efficient production system. carbon-free hydrogen from seawater.
"We are very proud that the" Energy Observer "exhibition will stop at the Yachting Festival to raise the awareness of the many energies of tomorrow. The ecological transition is underway and it is important for us to participate, "explains Sylvie Ernoult. "It is also for this reason that we will also have the pleasure of welcoming the famous sailor Isabelle Autissier, President of the WWF. Fervent activist for the protection of oceans and biodiversity, she will do us the honor to present the various actions implemented by the Foundation for the protection of the Mediterranean and explain that it is possible to have a yachting more " green ".