• Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for Le Silla 

Photo by Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for Le Silla 

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Luxury sport wear, amazon boots at Le Silla Fall Winter 2014/2015

fashion & styletrends

26 February 2014

For Fall Winter 2014 - 2015 Le Silla presents a collection that unhesitatingly covers sober and disciplined proposals, ideas from different worlds of fashion increasingly frequently evoking exciting and fun contamination or almost wild evasions expressing freshness for those who love to play with fashion.
An animal mood with monotone or stained pony, voluminous wrap-around furs and distinctly artisanal constructions express freedom as the liberating "Roar" of Katy Perry in the jungle where she faces and overcomes every pitfall. The modern woman is armour without fear of exaggerations. Soles are becoming important and higher with double layers of crepe or with gripped sole for both flat boots and for low boots on big high heels or stilettos. The shoes have been redesigned with multi-shaped volumes, pointed or square and built on rubber wedges from 8 to 11 cm high. High tech relevance for the wedge of interlocking metal and ton on tone leather or an unprecedented matelassé that recalls a damping insert for the boot. For leathers dark toned calf takes precedence in contrast sometimes with suede.
The atmosphere is that of the great freeze and the shoes are adapted to face bad weather or sub-zero temperatures. White and steam grey with some hints of navy blue. Soft silky leathers are used to produce simple and welcoming forms that look comfortable, thanks to inserts in wool, which sometimes act as inner socks. The furs are used for inner linings or are to make the look absolutely chic when used ornamentally on snow boots and après-ski boots. Technical footwear is worn with aplomb as the chief fetish in the most luxurious ski resorts. Desirable and elegant solutions for rain boots also, with fun solutions of for rubber boots encrusted and equipped with the same feeling of real objects of desire.
 Under the banner of extra luxury sport wear, amazon boots that evoke the most exclusive clubs. Riding boots, built on the traditional scheme of medium and large heels, are made with precious soft calfskins abrased in black or dark brown. The inspiration is that of the nobility and high society that translates invariably into decided use of rich decorative gold-coloured accessories. 
It communicates the gentle touch of a first lady who hates excess and prefers a classical style. Clean lines are redrawn with pointed pumps and boots but also using the soft rounded toe becoming softly daring shape with geometric cuts evidenced by the contrast in materials. The heels always stiletto, from a discrete 6 cm up to 15 cm. A mix of timeless and sophisticated tones for colour hues ranging from the ubiquitous black to the neutral shade of shadow to burgundy, renaissance blue and green myrtle. The single high note is the fluid and shiny effect of the patent leather that alternate with the glamour twist of small gold-coloured metal accessories. Impeccable rigour and hyper feminine details tell of an elegance without smearing.