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Luxury handbags with an interchangeable style

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6 January 2014

Sati Bibò is a registered brand created and owned by designer Sabrina Carbone. The company was born very recently, October 2009, with a mission  to create and distribute an innovative product and the goal of introducing to the market a new approach to luxury accessories: "Interchangeable Style". This means not just one accessory but a "base" to which one can attach an infinite number of complements that only imagination can limit.

Sati Bibò handbags are fully made in Italy, they consist of a "base" made with primo fiore leather, top quality nylon canvas and solid brass accessories and a "cover" completely handmade in Italy with precious materials such as: mink, fox, cincilla, finnish raccoon, cashmere, mixed wools, silks and crystals and other precious threads, yarns and fabrics.


At the moment Sati Bibò handbags lines offers 5 base models: Shopping bag big size, shopping bag medium size, bucket, clutch and wrist clutch. All are available in four base colors: black, dark brown, honey and white.

SS 2014 bag collection

For the spring / summer collection 2014 Sati Bibò introduces two new features: the first, "wearable sculptures", created by artists Sofia Rocchetti and Corrado Tomassini , unique

and sophisticated works of art to accessories and renew your Sati Bibò handbag. And secondly the "Unisex bag", a shopping bag in soft laser cut nappa leather, suitable for both women and men.



Sati Bibò Autumn-Winter handbags Collection 2013-14  

Sati Bibò presents their latest model of handbag base: the wrist clutch.

This model joins the other 4 handbags that form the base of Sati Bibò's "Interchangeable Style": shopping big size, shopping medium size, bucket and clutch. 

In 2011, Sabrina has chosen Milan as the springboard of her creations , opening a small, charming Sati Bibò shop / showroom, in one of the courtyards of Via Fiori Chiari , in the heart of Brera. There are also boutiques in Rome, New York or via internet.