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Luxury and e-commerce: antinomic?

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16 December 2015

Luxury and online sales, both environments are a priori contradictory? Maintaining an elitism and selectivity picture is an essential parameter in the consumption of luxury goods.

However, luxury homes are no exception face to the inevitable necessity to follow the evolution of socio-cultural trends to continue and expand their knowledge. This assumption gives rise to a paradox about the introduction of the Internet in the distribution policy of the luxury actors: between selectivity and widening between scarcity and increase brand awareness. However, with 82% of households connected to the home in 2013, it seems impertinent to ignore the technology.

Online transfer of the signifier role outlet in the act of purchase is the fundamental challenge for luxury brands, especially Haute Joaillerie. The complexity of codes to coexist very upscale with those of the mass market is the major difficulty in the development of the High Jewellery purchasing experience online.

Luxury and online sales, both environments priori contradictory

Maintaining an elitism and selectivity picture is an essential parameter in the consumption of luxury goods. In fact, websites are an interactive showcase of the company and have common features: an elaborate architecture, sleek design, user experience specific to the brand universe.

However, with the emergence of e-commerce, luxury brands, and specifically Haute Joaillerie, prove to be cautious. Given the opportunities they concede, the integration of e-commerce platforms to the website becomes unavoidable. Vectors of interactivity between the consumer and the brand, the presence of online sales increases openness to many, while appropriating strategies and codes of the mass market of luxury regret actors. Moreover, the risk of counterfeits as well as the low value of the average basket, as well as the difficulty to retransmit the shopping experience traditionally conferred to luxury products, are all brake Houses for the transition to the e- trade.


Therefore, a phenomenon of broader jewelery offers snaps under the impulse of some users marks. Indeed, in the extension of the target expansion process, a range of access entered.

With an increase in online sales higher than in physical stores by 27% on average per year against 7%, the e-commerce channel is positioned as one of the fastest-growing modes of distribution, allowing to combine the share of exclusive homes and the rise of their desirability.

On the other hand, brand's offers lead to the masculinization of the Haute Joaillerie customer, since it happens to be more consuming online than women, traditionally the large majority across the physical outlets.

A good example, the House Jaubalet individualizes its offer to share its Internet account and e-commerce, not merely as an additional medium, but as a multidimensional channel playing key roles in terms of communication, customer service , product development, and customer analysis.

Jaubalet and plays the major challenge of the transfer of experiential related to the sale of luxury products by offering new services: the use of 3D and wax.

The digital initiative JAUBALET therefore overcomes the resistance factors to luxury e-commerce system, firstly by eradicating any risk of counterfeiting, but also legitimizing its offer through an unprecedented customer experience.