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30 March 2012

DN-UNIK by Demain Nature

A full range of face and body care was conceived from bio active principles acknowledged for their advantageous effects on cell renewal. This new range anti-age is made up of 12 products: 9 skin care regenerants and 3 body care products. The synergy of the active principles of products Demain Nature guarantee the assertion of a young and hydrated skin.

Slimming gel reduces the turn of hips, thighs and knees. Diminish the orange skin. Consolidate the tissues and prevent cutaneous slackening. The skin is sluck and toned.

Slimming Gel DN-UNIK - Bottle - Pomp 150 ml - 39 € soft and smooth Bodily Moisturizing Milk this milk enters in depth for an optimum moisturizing. Leave one finished velvety and soft throughout the day, cool and subtle perfume. Bodily Moisturizing Milk DN-UNIK - Bottle - Pomp 150 ml - 26,50 €

Exfoliating gourmand cream is very soft at touch and lets your skin as a peach touch.

Exfoliating cream DN Unik = 200 g - 24,50 €