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Logona - hair care and color


25 November 2011

LOGONA, "-" the specialist and outright pioneer of the natural colouring

Colouring powders or creams!

Colouring care, version drifts, exists in ten different nuances, going of some « gold wheat » by way of "hazelnut" up to "ebony".

100g recommended public price: 11,50 € TTC

Nice proof of the innovative dynamism of LOGONA, this colouring in powder are supplemented by colouring creams, unique concept in the world during their launching by LOGONA, and long-lived research result having been the object of two registered brevets. Thanks to this new expression, the application of colouring care is made easier: it is not necessary any more to blend the product with some hot water, or quite other liquid. The colouring cream, ready for job, allows for instance to colour roots only.

Each of 5 available shades, 150 ml: 18,90 € TTC

Conceal fixative, 150 ml: 11,90 € TTC

Preparatory Mask, 150 ml: 11,50 € TTC

But far from replacing them, creams supplement the effectiveness of powders: it is perfectly possible to blend both textures to use their strong points.

More volume and spring with powders, more images with creams!

Colouring care and colouring creams of LOGONA, labellisés « natural controlled beauty product » by BDIH, are the only plant colouring certified with more than 30 years of experience and detachment, giving true guarantees.

For more details, see press packs enclosed. Contact at the bottom of page.

For sale in stores bio and dietary.

Green Blue - 1, way of Régentes - D 900

84510 Caumont on Durance