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LikeBike Monte Carlo, Top 5 Super Luxe Bikes

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21 May 2016

LikeBike is the event that brings another edge to the urban bikes and this sport: luxury! You can find one of a kind bikes for you to ride ... if you have the budget! LikeBike has a great range of bikes for the super rich varying from road to urban, lifestyle and even electric ones. Below are some of the most luxurious bikes money can buy, all present at LikeBike, Monte Carlo this June. 

Brand: Sarto

Model: 18k Gold

Price: €22,500 / £18,000

Special Features: Handmade to aerospace quality,in high-modulus carbon fibre, 18-carat gold and Zimbabwean crocodile skin, this slick and streamline road warrior was designed by Karim Kalafand Enrico Sarto. Built in Italy, only 25 have been made, each individually tailored and custom-built to suit its rider's exact dimensions and ensure the perfect fit.

LikeBike Monte Carlo’s Top 5 Super Luxe Bikes

Brand: Lacroix

Model: Velo

Price: €17,000 / £13,260

Special Features: This is the next generation of carbon fiber superstructures, and is the stepping stone to a supreme level of engineered bikes. It features a highly-technical carbon strand woven rid structure frame, which uses an aerospace high performance multi fiber strand. The super fibers are woven to create as tronger overall structural, better than any other known carbon shape or structure.

LikeBike Monte Carlo’s Top 5 Super Luxe Bikes

Brand: Veloboo

Model: Gold

Price: €38,000 / £30,000

Special Features: The Hungarian cycling brand Veloboo is one of the most unique cycling brands in the world, with a bamboo frame and 24 carat gold plating on most of the bike. This is one of the world's priciest bikes with a limited edition of only 30. 

LikeBike Monte Carlo’s Top 5 Super Luxe Bikes

Brand: Audi / Lightweight

Model: Audi Sport Racing Bike

Price: €17,500 / £14,000

Special Features: The German company responsible for some of the lightest and most expensive carbon fibre wheels and frames around. To create this beautiful machine, they have collaborated with Audi's Quattro department - that responsible for the four wheel drive system on some of its cars. Only 50 of these are available world-wide and weigh just above the 5kg mark.

LikeBike Monte Carlo’s Top 5 Super Luxe Bikes

Brand: Trefecta

Model: DRT

Price: €22,500 / £17,900

Special Features: This might be the most ambitious e-bike ever built. Being built with a military use in mind, it blurs the lines between ebike and electric motorcycle, built for road and trails and almost everything in between. Automatic gear shifting, integrated computer with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, 45mph / 72kmh top speed, 62 miles range and top of the line design. The Trefecta DRT is the eBike of the future.  

LikeBike Monte Carlo’s Top 5 Super Luxe Bikes

LikeBike will take place in the Grimaldi Forum between 3rd and 5th of June.