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Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the Reinvention of an Icon

11 January

Established in 1864 to offer more than just a hotel and to introduce the new Monte Carlo experience across Europe, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo is now writing a new page in its history. 2014-2018: Four years have gone into reinventing this iconic palace to give even greater meaning to the dream of its founder, François Blanc, "a hotel that goes beyond anything that has been created so far," and thus perpetuate its legend in the 21st century. Partial reconstruction, harmonization of volumes, design of new spaces, realization of new exclusive suites, evolution of gastronomy, this program of metamorphosis was entrusted to architects Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora, who put themselves at the service the building to magnify it, while preserving its timeless spirit. A metamorphosis made step by step Since May 2017, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo has successively revealed its new facets. May 2017, the new Rotunda is even more beautiful with new rooms that raise the standard of this mythical hotel: 34 m2 minimum, made with the finest materials. At its summit, The Grill is more than ever suspended between heaven and earth. In addition, the brand new Hairspa Rossano Ferretti is also opening. November 2017, the sumptuous Princess Grace

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