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The Inspiring Story of Pinar Selek: A Brave Kurdish Woman Fighting for Justice

18 September

In 1998 Pinar was falsely accused of complicity with terrorists believed to have caused a blast at the spice market in Istanbul. She has been forced to exile ever since.  Pinar Selek is standing in front of me at av. Valrose, in Nice, where she works as aprofessor. She is dressed in a loose dark green cotton jumper, black tight jeans anda shiny golden watch. She wears her red-brown hair short and moves a lot when shetalks. Her energy lights up the room and you would never guess that this friendly looking middle aged woman has been through hell and back. Everything started in July 1998: Pinar was a young and passionate researcher interviewing Kurdish militants at the popular spice market in Istanbul, when all of a sudden a huge blast turned everything black. 7 people died and 127 got injured.Pinar was arrested and refused to give the Turkish police the name of the militants.She was tortured and accused of complicity with the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Party. She spent two and a half years in prison for complicity in a terrorist attack. The Turkish police falsified documents showing her culpability. Later it came out that itwas all just an accident, due to

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