Le Rendez-Vous avec Mike Horn au Cannes Yachting Festival


18 Septembre 2023
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Sunreef Yachts held a press conference two days ago in Cannes with Mike Horn, on board on 80 Sunreef Power Eco, to mark the forty-six Cannes Yachting Festival and present an exclusive briefing on the company's latest developments. 






Sunreef Yachts Eco is a holistic concept reassessing every aspect of the yachting experience to make it more energy efficient and responsible. Eco catamarans built by Sunreef Yachts use the latest green tech solutions, including hi-tech electric propulsion, custom-engineered battery banks, composite-integrated solar panels, energy-saving air-conditioning or hydrogeneration. The shipyard's R&D department is currently implementing natural fibre composites to take another big step towards a sustainable yacht building process.




Natural fibre composites (NFC) implemented by Sunreef Yachts Eco, use flax fibre to obtain composite structures of the highest quality and excellent mechanical characteristics. Sourced from the French Upper Normandy the high-quality fibre is paired with bio-based or recyclable resin to create truly natural composites. The NFC structures will have their Life Cycle Assessment, showing the ecological benefits of choosing them over standard structures.




Flax fabrics demonstrate a negative CO2 footprint, due to the absorption of CO2 during the plant growth. On top of that, Sunreef Yachts Eco natural composites can be recycled. The Sunreef R&D department is currently developing the technology enabling chemical recycling of the composites. This process involves the extraction of both the resin and the fibre, in order to give both materials a new life.




Due to the natural translucency of flax fiber, it is possible to build lighting sources into the composite structures to explore new design possibilities. In addition, flax fabrics can be woven into countless patterns and can be dyed into an endless variety of colours. While non-structural elements and furniture made of flax-based composite are already part of the Sunreef Yachts Eco offer, the shipyard is already working on introducing larger structures and solar panel integration.


Sunreef 80 Eco Hydrogen

The Art Of Pure Yachting


The journey continues. A clean cruise in harmony with the elements. A serene sail to new horizons of balance, silence and elegance. A zero emission yachting experience, where the sun, the water and the wind are your fuel. A yacht where hydrogen hi-tech meets passion for excellence.


A perfect balance of energy harnessed from renewable sources. An experience of pure freedom in complete silence. A new philosophy of elegance at sea. Sail and leave no trace.

Our philosophy goes far beyond boat building. We craft experiences. Before we design a tangible object, we always take the time to think about the aura we want to create. The Sunreef 80 Eco Hydrogen delivers a message of respect and responsibility. She is the synonym of comfort and silence. At the same time, this yacht uses the latest technology, so she appeals to all those who like to look into the future.

Francis Lapp

Founder and President


Cruise as long as you want and sail wherever you desire. Harness clean energy as you go and discover what it means to be truly autonomous. The possibilities are unlimited.

Sunreef Ultima
Sunreef Yachts unveils ULTIMA  - a new range of hi-tech hybrid power catamarans. It is a line of fully-customizable crafts blending comfort, performance and lifestyle. After revealing the Sunreef 44 and 55 ULTIMA during the Miami and Fort Lauderdale boat shows, Sunreef Yachts announced further additions to the range, including a spectacular 88-footer.
Combining the best of monohull dynamics with multihull living space, and shallow draft, the ULTIMA range creates a new type of marine architecture. Its advanced design reduces drag for enhanced performance and energy efficiency.
A sleek and fast catamaran, the Sunreef 44 ULTIMA is the perfect yacht for quick getaways. Her ultramodern hybrid propulsion is the essence of performance and reliability. Her large roof can be fitted with Sunreef Yachts' custom-engineered solar power system for unrivaled energy efficiency. 
A luxury hybrid catamaran with amazing amounts of living space, the Sunreef 55 ULTIMA offers a yachting experience full of speed and comfort. The yacht's standout features include walkaround deck, a vast semi-open saloon and spacious aft with two fold-down bulwark platforms.
The latest addition to the ULTIMA range. A dynamic hybrid luxury craft with features including an expansive aft deck, a jet-ski garage and a vast flybridge. 
Sunreef Yachts' award-winning solar power system, custom-engineered battery banks and hi-tech hybrid propulsion give the Sunreef 88 ULTIMA an unrivaled green power boost for a clean cruising experience filled with pure thrill.
From the full-beam master stateroom with a private sauna to the spacious guest cabins, the Sunreef 88 ULTIMA is the new definition of luxury living at sea. Her light-filled interiors use sustainable woods, recycled plastics and reclaimed fabrics. The living and lounging areas were designed to reduce artificial lighting and air conditioning.
When it's time to play, ULTIMA opens her bulwark platforms and aft garage to unlock new levels of fun with a fleet of electric toys and a walkaround Ocean Lounge.
"SUNREEF ULTIMA is a powerful response to a new market demand. We now have the ultimate hull shape for all those who are looking to enjoy quick getaways in speed, comfort and style. To achieve this, we combined the best of the multihull and monohull design philosophy. This concept is all about fast cruises, vast living space and energy-efficiency". Francis Lapp - Founder and President 


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