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Lavera, makeup line Trend Sensitiv

beautymake up

17 November 2011


Natural, nice and trendy ... the natural Lavera makeup is in big trend and we recommend it … 

Full of natural virtues and power, Trend sensitiv is more in trend than ever with the new graphism style and the range of 42 products « Because every day is unique », upgraded to 54 pieces.

1. Mascara

All mascaras Trend sensitiv contain comforting extracts of root of liquorice and precious bio oils such as the oil of sunflower, the oil of argousier and the wax of honeybee. Soft ingredients which do not irritate your eyes. New expressions of Lavera mascara is more enriched in vitamins C and E to combine makeup and protective care!

Double Black Mascara* – Mascara doubles noir* - 5,5 ml - 13,95 € **

2. Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadows 

Let your creativity express yourselves with the natural colours of the new available Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadows in 8 different nuances. The bio mineral and oils care such as oil of argan, the oil of argousier and flower essence bio, give to this eyelid shade a subtly smooth consistency which overwhelms your skin. Optimum tolerance for the ones who wear contact lenses. 

Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow – Make-up with eyelids in mineral active 1,6 g - 10,95 € **

White Lily N ° 1 *, Beige Doré N°2 *, pinkish Dream N°3, Purple Majestueux N°4, Blue Mountain N°5 *, Green Forest N°6 *, Grey Magique N°7* and Brown Chocolate N°8*. (*convient in the vegan)

3. Beautiful Lips – Beautiful Glossy Lips

Trend sensitiv Lavera offers you the range Beautiful Lips – Beautiful Glossy Lips with deep tonalities and keys freshness, that you can apply separately or combine for an even more intense effect.

Beautiful Lips – Red with lips - 4,5 g - 12,95 € **

Rose Kiss 01 / Peach Amber 02* / Berry Purple 03/Deep Red 04 / Red Berry Charm 05 / Sunset Orange 06/Goldens Delicious Kiss 07* / Rosewood 08 / Maroon Kiss 09 / Brown Sugar 10

4. Complexion

A bright, soft and velvety complexion, it is all for that a woman asks for! With the range Trend sensitiv,Lavera imagines for you tinted day creams, funds of complexion, powders and other make-ups with cheeks which alloy making-up and protective care in one single gesture. Their natural and extremely soft ingredients such as oils bio of olive, jojoba, thistle - marry and of coconut cosset your skin without obstructing pores. Then be natural, are nice! 

Natural Liquid Foundation – Foundation liquidates - 30 ml - 12,95 € **

Porcelain 01 * / Ivory 02* / Honey 03* / Almond 04* 

Fine Loose Mineral Powder – Transparent* – Free mineral Powder - 10 g - 15,95 € **

* is suitable for the vegan

** indicative price