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The new Jean Paul Gaultier perfume for men.

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Latest fashion trends - Kokorico, new Jean Paul Gaultier male perfume

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8 September 2011

Latest fashion trends

The new perfume for men from Jean Paul Gaultier, Kokorico has made a statement just from its launch at the Haute Couture Runway. In a black and red ambiance within the ancient theatre and to the disclosure of the numeric culture, the new perfume Kokorico is strongly alluring. Starting from its surreal bottle design to its scents, everything turn your inner joy on.

The perfume is an aphrodisiac based on sensuality with notes of fig leaves, patchouli, cacao, vetiver and cedar wood.

The face for this new perfume is represented by the sensual Spanish model, Jon Kortajarena. The whole campaign emanates sensuality and Jon Kortajarena knows it well how to deliver it. In the ad campaign, the model was put to dance Flamenco by the creative head, Jean Baptiste Mondino. And, he’s not bad at all.