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13 December 2011

Latest fashion trends, first platform of information intended for the professionals of the watchmaking and for a public loving luxury watches, opens the doors of its service concergierie to allow all to hunt out its rare object!

In search of the untraceable, rare piece of work?

True personal, available assistant 7j / 7 and 24h / 24, the upmarket concergierie of Chronollection offers a free service and made to order for finding a watch, a particular model, a spare part, etc ..

In order to do that, it is enough to go on the site of and to fill the online newsletter by specifying its coordinates and its request. The user is contacted under 48 h by a professional who is going to take responsibility for research. The user is then informed in a quasi permanent way about the evolution of research.

For all those who like to have an exceptional watch and who have not found the unique piece yet, do not hesitate any more, service of concergierie of is there to help you!