Kikoo, furniture design to all your needs

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13 December 2011


Kikoo, the piece of furniture which fits to your desires!

Need a small clever piece of furniture? Discover Kikoo, the piece of furniture made for small and big ones!

Resolutely different, Kikoo is multi functional. In outside or

inside, Kikoo answers all the needs. It is made up of a baby

piece of furniture, both declining in four

colours to be combined to every mood.


Multi-Multi, the piece of furniture design Kikoo is:


Small console, table for the bed, column of tidying up, service for the swimming pool... Uses of

furnish Kikoon are for borders that those of your imagination! 

His pouffe gives a seat of exact change or a tidying up for your magazines

and slip easily into the module of tidying up of Kikoo.


In outside or in inside, the piece of furniture design Kikoo fits to all


His texture in polyethylene makes it resistant to UV, to distances of

temperature and even in the rain! Of the room in the terrace, of

dining room at the edge of the swimming pool, at the living room in the garden, Kikoo you

follow everywhere!


All over its contemporary design, its forms and colours in tendency,

the enticed piece of furniture Kikoo is for all ages and integrates with all rooms.

For the children's room, the living room, the parent's room, to student's studio,Kikoo fits all the tastes!

French concept and manufacture!

Not only the piece of furniture Kikoo is entirely recyclable but is

fabricated in France. The location of the plant close to the head office

allow moreover to reduce distance of transport.

Finally, the society My Note Déco, creator of the furniture Kikoo, encourages all

the Kikoo users to return the used pieces of furniture free

to give them a second life thanks to recycling but it is

not for tomorrow that your Kikoo will be out of order!

Material: polyethylene

Dimensions: 40x40x56

Colour: fuchsia, anise, grey, orange

Guarantee: 2 years