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Kaviar Gauche Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

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16 January 2014

It is meanwhile exactly a decade ago that Johanna Kühl and Alexandra Fischer-Röhler founded the fashion label Kaviar Gauche, pulling off their first coup in front of the entrance of the French department store "Colette", with their guerilla fashion show.  

For their ten-year-anniversary the designers have chosen to celebrate with their new autumn/winter collection, aptly named "Celebrate Love". It is an expression of fashionable contrasts in which the complimentary poles of feminine and masculine elements, black and white, opulent and restrained, build on previous collections and culminate in a heightened form. 

"Celebrate Love" is the result of clearly structured forms and avant-garde feminine fashion that condense the essence of the highpoints of an entire decade.  Light materials, like high quality silk chiffon meet leather accents, whilst heavy wool crêpe meets delicate georgette. Fine and floral macramé lace in its lightness sums up the essence of conventional femininity and reprises details from the Bridal Couture collection. Perfectly consummated with the exciting use of shiny silk.
The choice of colours also reflects the interplay of yin and yang, with black and white dominating, as the main emphasis of the collection. Whilst a striking flame red innovatively expands the colour palette of Kaviar Gauche, this romantic accent also serves as an allegory for the entire collection as well as mirroring once more the motif of love. 
The highlights of the collection, in addition to the glamorous evening dresses, are dinner jackets and dinner capes that perfectly highlight the striking interaction of femininity and masculinity. Feather details, again, reprising the past Bridal Couture collection, are also shown.Condensed around the core theme of love, signature pieces are tailored to express that. In addition to heart-shaped bag designs, clutches with playful bow details round off the accessory range, in the collection palette of black, white and flame red.  The aforementioned bow details are also present in the shoe designs, which again play with feminine/masculine extremes with classic high heels and an equally classic men's shoe in dandy look. To top it all off, the designer duo go to town with opulent bridal hats in Bardolini style, echoing the 70s and referencing style icon Bianca Jagger's wedding.
"Celebrate Love" is brought full circle in the true sense of the word with an engagement ring for the collection. The golden accessory picks up on the heart element in its filigree design and symbolically brings the collection of love to its conclusion.

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