• Argan Shell Scrub

  • Argan oil velvet milk

  • Precious oils / Liquid black soap

  • Candle

  • Argan oil exfoliating cream

  • Rose sandal wood


Argan Shell Scrub

Kajame, well being perfumed set

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6 December 2011


The essence of well being

Always, when they imagine Africa and the East, our minds wander to the liking of exotic and spellbinding perfumes.

These subtle and delicate fragrances are introduced to you by Kajame:

Musk, sensual and animal smell

The vanilla, learned amber blends vanilla afforested linked to softness

Pink sandalwood, spring and living.

The flower of orange tree, fruity and sweet.

The fruits of Morocco, intense and fond of good food.

Rubbing-out in cockle of argan

A rubbing-out with oil of argan and the oil of core of apricot for their protective and moisturizing virtues. Salt and cockle of argan to efface by leaving a bright, smooth and sweet-scented skin.

Rubbing-out in cockle of argan Kajame - pot - 200 ml - 49,50 € *

Softened by argan

A bodily milk to hydrate and regenerate the skin, it corresponds to the daily needs of the body with its expression enriched in oil of argan and in the oil of core of apricot.

Softened by argan Kajame - Bottle - 250 ml - 33 € *

Satiny cream

A cream for the body and the face of a rich and dense texture thanks to its acknowledged assets: oil of argan, spreads with butter of mango, oil of core of apricot and butter of shea. Need enters easily without leaving feeling of fat or to rinse.

Satiny cream Kajame - Pot - 200 ml - 43,25 € *

Source of soft soap

Soft soap is a powerful natural exfoliant which leaves a soft and satiny skin. This plant paste based on paste of olives, very rich in vitamin E, is suitable for all types of skins. The skin is cleared out from some toxins and from dead cells.

Source of soft soap Kajame - Bottle - 250 ml - 49,50 € *

Precious oil

Concentrated in oil of argan and oil of core of apricot, this sweet-scented oil hydrates the body, allows massages tonic virtues and anti-stretch marks. Also serve for the bath.

Oil precious Kajame - Bottle - 250 ml - 44,25 € *

Candle of massage

The candles of massage in their splendid craft ceramic case are available in 2 ranges:

Fruits of Morocco in the sweet-scented range (colour metal) and Small grain for the natural range (red colour)

Candle of massage Kajame - Capacity 75 ml - 43,75 € * for Small Grain and 42,25 € * in sweet-scented range

Crystal of argan

A sweet-scented exfoliant which protects the skin and makes it soft and slicks favour has its assets:

oil of argan, oils of core of apricot, red loam, white loam, wax of honeybee and vitamin E.

Crystal of argan Kajame - Pot - 200 ml - 49,25 € *

Mysterious jelly

A jelly concentrated in oil of argan and in oil of core of apricot for the body, the face and hair.

Extremely nutritious and moisturizing, this jelly leaves an obviously bright and well-manicured skin.

Jelly mysterious Kajame - Pot - 200 ml - 49,25 € *