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Jewelry and luxury dresses, women's best friends

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1 September 2015

What is a woman's best friend  or fantasy ? A room full of jewelry and dresses, right ? In this type of ambiance I had the opportunity of meeting great style designers : jewelry and bags designer, Daniela Bentivoglio, and the couture designer, Magdolna Ruzsa. Two beautiful persons into one room made the space entirely creative.

Refinement and immortality for Daniela Bentivoglio's jewelry art

Sparkles from jewelry as a form of high art that transforms the body into one shape with the creation and makes the woman who wears it a piece of glory herself. These exclusivist designs are the best keys to refinement and immortality. They are an asset and a value to itself. From diamonds and pearls, the jewelry are every woman's dream. On the quest for rare diamonds and precious stones, great masterpieces are born. The production of all these pieces is made by Italian goldsmiths and proves all along the Italian heritage.

The sun light, the sky, the nature, pure inspiration for the glamorous Madleine dresses 

Mixed with glamorous dresses, the fantasy opens to a ladylike atmosphere that combines the chic, the elegance and feminity into one strong power that took over the Daniela Bentivoglio's store. Madleine Couture is a fashion brand that provokes: feminity, sensuality, women's silhouette lines, strength and glamour. The gorgeous dresses fit not only great bodies but also great minds. A woman who has all these attibutes knows perfectly that she has it all.

As the designer Magdola Ruzsa said, her inspiration is taken mostly from nature, from things like the reflection of sky and sun into the waters, from the light that comes from the rainbows and the sunrise, things of life that makes us dream. A pure expression of these things I could see on the soft silk dress worn by the beautiful singer, Laura Riz or the sparkling lila dress worn by the lovely, Beverly Holt. The entire collection is created for a special clientelle that perfectly fits Monaco style, especially long dresses fit for glamorous or Red Carpet events.

Editor Andra Oprea