• Photo crediit: Lexie Moreland

Photo crediit: Lexie Moreland

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Jewellery designs - Zoë Kravitz collaboration for Swarovski Crystallized


25 March 2013

Jewellery designs 

Swarovski brand knows very well how to choose its collaborations. From exotic personalities like Rosa Broche to pop glam Zoë Kravitz, Swarovski comes in different shades and themes remaining true to one goal: selling dreams through shinning jewels. 

Zoë Kravitz created a capsule collection for Swarovski Crystallized inspiring herself from the Native American jewelry, "so beautiful and timeless". She wanted a collection that would easily fit every cloth maintaining a state of glamour.

This weekend, a Swarovski celebration of this collaboration put Zoë Kravitz in the center of attention. Dressed in a black Alexander Wang dress from the spring collection (also present at the event), Zoë Kravitz was thrilled for this collaboration. Also, Elisabeth Stark, Swarovski's vice president of marketing for multibrand retail declared, cited by WWD : "I just want to congratulate and thank Zoë for this wonderful collaboration," said Stark. "I just told her that we work with a lot of stars, but she is a special, wonderful and intelligent person."  

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Editor: Andra Oprea