Jewellery designs - Imperiale Jewellery Collection by Chopard

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20 December 2011

Jewellery designs

The new collection of Imperiale watches, one of Chopard's star models, is enriched with new two-tone, full-set and mini versions. As much jeweller as watchmaker, Chopard has naturally created a line of refined jewellery designed to accompany the timepieces. Embodying a subtle blend of simplicity and majestic, sophistication and sensuality, the Imperiale jewellery collection is designed to be chic, quintessential and timeless. It evokes modern, natural and refined women with strong personalities and who like adornments exuding an air of discreet luxury.


Delicately sliding a bracelet onto her wrist like a long satin glove. Pinning her hair up while fastening a pendant. Tilting her head in order to fit one earring, and then the other. A spray of perfume and a dab of powder. Choosing one or two rings. This one? No, maybe that one. Checking the time. Quick now! There's only just time to slip into a silk blouse, apply lipstick and a touch of blush on the cheeks... When getting ready to face the world, the Imperiale woman knows how to pick up her pace while remaining in firm control. Sensual and self-confident by nature, she instinctively focuses on essentials and chooses to adorn herself in noble and pure materials composing models of impeccable quality. Discreet and yet distinct, understated and stylish, the jewellery models she wears associate soft curves with firm materials. They reveal her beauty while also hinting at her strong character. The combination of white or rose gold with diamonds naturally catches and holds the light, yet without blinding observers. The purity of metal and stones appears in all its glowing splendour. Like the bracelets and the earrings, the rings come in all-gold versions and others partially or entirely set with diamonds and amethysts. Their majestic rounded shapes - subtly evoking the crowns of the imperial era, whilst reminding of the harmonious curves of a woman's body - are in some cases graced with a gently nested amethyst cabochon. These delicate yet powerful jewellery creations are endowed with an aura of extreme distinction. They are resolutely contemporary and easy to wear in all circumstances, naturally building intimate ties with the women they so radiantly embellish.