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Jet Peel, The New Anti Age Hydrating Skin Technique


20 July 2020

The principle of Jet Peel

The innovative technique of Jet Peel Dermedics makes it possible to perform several treatments without injection and without pain in one and the same session:
● lymphatic drainage
● mechanical peel
● infusion of active ingredients (vitamins and hyaluronic acid, Argireline, etc.).The dermis is thoroughly cleaned, the skin is radiant, toned and the complexion uniform.

The Jet Peel Dermedics allows active ingredients to be infused through the skin, without needles and without any contact, by means of a jet of fine droplets propelled at high speed. The transdermal diffusion of the elements is based on the principle of "barophoresis": the high pressure of the jet causes the active ingredients to penetrate deeply through the epidermal barrier.After a real moment of well-being with the "thalasso" effect, as effective as it is relaxing, your skin will be radiant and revitalized in depth and in a lasting way.


In a few sessions, the skin is rehydrated, smoothed and regains its natural radiance. The work done on deep wrinkles is simply remarkable. Of course we are not saying here that your lion's wrinkle will disappear in one session, but that with this patented technique, infusion of active ingredients in the heart of the dermis, after 6 sessions of the initial treatment, you will not go recognize. The lion will give way to a small kitten.Until now, the only technique to plump wrinkles was to inject hyaluronic acid through needles. Today, Jetpeel Dermedics' unique technology allows hyaluronic acid to penetrate without needle or injection! This 100% natural revitalization technique allows to treat the skin on the surface and in depth. Thanks to Jetpeel Dermedics, you can correct skin imperfections on the face, neck and décolleté.

We could also tell you about the wonderful results for the treatment of pigment spots. The field of application of this technique is vast. Come see us, make a diagnosis together and find the best cure.BarophoresisThe Jetpeel Dermedics propels a mixture of air and saline The Jetpeel Dermedics unit propels at supersonic speed, a mixture of air and saline solution in the form of droplets microscopic without any contact with the skin. Initially, the jet exfoliates the superficial layers of the skin and eliminates inaccessible particles. Then the projection generates a local pressure on the skin allowing the penetration of the active principle.

The results

Your skin will be visibly smoother, more radiant and deeply nourished.The Jetpeel Dermedics technique will give your skin a new youth. This method will allow you to redraw your lips, reduce your wrinkles and repulp your nasal lines. geniens.The FrequencyIt is advisable to make a cure of 3 to 6 sessions (1 session every 8 to 10 days). Depending on the protocol and / or the desired result, different formulas of active principles are proposed. These formulas are enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for the elasticity, radiance and beauty of the skin:
● Fills, re-pulp, deeply hydrates, maintains dermal density
● Powerful anti-wrinkle, Deep hydrate, Improves skin suppleness
● Activates micro-circulation, deeply hydrates, stimulates cell production
● Exfoliation, desquamation and elimination of dead cells, healing action

The Jetpeel Dermedics is a 100% natural revitalization technique which allows to treat the skin on the surface and in depth.
This new non-invasive approach (no needle, no injection) of the aesthetic treatment of the skin, allows to achieve in a single treatment: a bio-peeling, a transdermal diffusion of active ingredients, a filling and volumization action and a deep cleansing.

Interview with the Specialist, Alion Braga

This technique is based on the use of oxygen. The active ingredients are introduced into the dermis using oxygen pressure.

What are the steps to get to the jet peel?

There are three stages: the first is the peel which cleanses the skin of dead cells. The second is like mesotherapy where you can introduce active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins by the pressure of the jet peel. Cleaning, an easy peel with papaya and pineapple, then dermabrasion to erase fine lines. After all these steps, we use the jet peel with hyperbaric oxygen. At the end, we can have a mask that uses active algae and sunscreen cream.

How many times can we use the jet peel?

The ideal would be to have 3 to 6 procedures per year or per semester, according to the needs of each one. A procedure can be used in one to ten days.

What are the direct benefits of using this technique?

First, deep hydration. Second, it helps acne skin a lot. Third, it shrinks large pores. Fourth, it reduces fine lines. Five, it gives a shiny and clean appearance to the facial skin.The technique can also be used on pregnant women and on summer time as it is not an aggressive technique and does not cause any damage to the skin.

Interview by Andra Oprea