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Italian Cuisine and the Slow Food Vibe on the French Riviera

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30 September 2019

On a beautiful evening, on the legendary Croisette Avenue in Cannes, I stopped at the Italian restaurant Mimi to plunge myself into another culinary world.

I was pleased to discover the Italian vibe from the very beginning. The south hospitality and very close attention to details, the open cuisine where we could catch glimpse of the cooks doing their best in the kitchen, the flavours, the scents. I could almost feel each spice coming from the kitchen and alluring me to a dreamy meal.

Melting beef, excellent cuisine

I must confess that I ate one of the best beef in my life! It felt like it was melting into my mouth in a soft flavour and a dance of tastes.

I liked the idea of respecting the seasons and having a kitchen linked to this cycle. Also, the inspiration comes from Puglia, the Italian land where the mix of Adriatic cuisine and oriental spices comes as a major trait of the restaurant. This part meets the Mediterranean one and their marriage is a perfect alliance. The element that unites both is the olive oil they use: "Olio di Felice Garibaldi". Felice Garibaldi did a great job back in 1835 when he separated and selected the olive trees after their species without mixing the various parts for the oil production. This is a healthy philosophy of slow food which defines also the restaurant. The dessert was delicious and I funnily enjoyed the design of it reminding me of a woman's breast. Typically Italian!

So, the evening seemed to have deported me to an Italian land where the laughter, the loud talks and delicious meal created an escape from the French Riviera to the other part of the Italian sea, on an instant.

Mimi Cannes Restaurant - 84 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes 

Andra Oprea