• Niklas Ankar, the fashion designer of Ankar Fashion

  • Susanne Berch, Ambassador and Sales Representative of Ankar Fashion


Niklas Ankar, the fashion designer of Ankar Fashion

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Interview with Niklas Ankar, the Swedish fashion designer of Ankar Sweden clothing

editorial & arteditorial

10 September 2014

Scandinavian fashion is on the wave. And with the men taking over fashion, elegance and the true meaning of style remain the major focus for fashion lovers in search for fresh air. And, in fashion, fresh air is not something rare but something that needs to be more obvious. Niklas Ankar proves this showing us that the image of a modern classy man is on its peak at the moment. And we need to see this much more on the streets.

"I am not a trend; I am permanent, real. I have dressed exactly the same way my entire life. My style is unforgiving, international and finite

AO. What defines Niklas Ankar style in a few words?

Refined, colourful, tailored, stylish with a twist, daring in the way that patterns and colours are mixed

AO. Why Monaco, French Riviera?

NK. The style that Ankar represents fits well in most classic resorts such as Monaco, St Tropez, Cortina

AO. Do you expect a great feedback for your designs?

NK. I hope so.

 AO. What is the Swedish specificity to your designs?

NK. I am not sure it is something really swedish, Ankar Sweden is about style, classics with a contemporary touch, cross over where indian silhouettes can meet Irish linen, Italian cutaway collar shirts are made with madras fabrics are just some examples. The colours and the fit are important as are the way the tops and bottoms are mixed.


The idea about  Ankar Sweden is that with a limited wardrobe you should be able to change your look depending on where you are and how you feel and always be comfortable and correctly dressed
for the occasion.

AO. What inspires you in your collections?

NK. Almost everything around me, of course travels, India is a great place to get inspiration from in colours and patterns, old movies and photographs. Traveling is of course something where you always seem to see things that are stored somewhere in your brain and then can pop up when creating the next collection. Interior decoration is very interesting as wallpapers and fabrics used in interior design has always inspired me. One year we made belts out of scrap designer furniture fabrics and tuxedo shoes as well from furniture fabric.

I guess food and taste somehow inspires me as well.


AO. Where can be found the Niklas Ankar clothing?

NK.Presently Ankar Sweden clothing are only sold though special events and made to order. The idea about this is to keep it on an exclusive level and being able to personally present my thoughts and how the different products and styles can be
mixed. The first event outside of Sweden is in Monaco and for this event we are offering cashmere sweaters in 6 different styles, all made from Loro Piana yarns and, of course, made in Italy. We will also show some pieces from previous collections in order for the guests to feel and touch and see the products live. 



Editor Andra Oprea