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Interview with Courteney Cox, hair brand muse


8 October 2013

Tell us about your working / experience with Pantene Pro -V ?

I am very happy to be part of the Pantene Pro -V family because for me it is a synonym for healthy hair . Leading a healthy lifestyle is very important to me and take care of my hair part. I had the opportunity to speak with researchers Pantene Pro -V and I was very impressed by everything they do to counteract the effects of time on the appearance of hair. Mine began to lose their density but AgeDefy Expert Collection has given them throughout their thickness , it shows and feels to the touch.

How do you fight against the effects of time ?

It is a daily battle! Fortunately, we have at our disposal amount of creams and expert advice that give tips to stay in shape and take the right actions . An example : you should drink plenty of water, it's so easy! We are less well informed about the hair aging . Myself, I did not realize that my hair grew older , it was only when my hairdresser told me he could not untangle I realized they were changing . With the Expert AgeDefy question , my hair regained their health.

What are your essential beauty products ?

There are only a few products that I can not pass me , starting with the toothpaste. Can coconut oil and Expert AgeDefy Collection! A beautiful smile , glowing skin and healthy hair are the best assets of a woman.

Your beauty secrets ?

The advice that I send to my daughter protect her skin from the sun , moisturize skin and hair , and drinking plenty of water.