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Interview with Alison Hamlin Hughes about her story and the laws of attraction

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29 April 2015

Dear Alison, please tell us about yourself a little bit so our readers get to know you.

I'm a mum of 3 and step mum to 1, married to my soul mate Miles, living in UK, I have been a ‘Stay at Home Mum' for 21 years.  Previous to the last 3 ½ years, I always struggled to make ends meet, I used to make jewelry  and other crafty things to try earn money, but never made much really, it was never going to make me rich!     The reason it is so important for me to be a stay at home mum , is that when I was 12 both my parents had cancer, my dad died aged 41 of stomach cancer,  I was just 13, my mum had to go out to work after she recovered from breast cancer,  to provide for us, so that meant that when I came home from school each day there was nobody there, I didn't want my children to experience that.  luckily she is still here with us and has just turned 80 years of age.  

 At one point I had an ebay shop where I sold beads from home,   that business grew and I ended up expanding the bead business to a real shop in the town I lived in.  At first this was great, I loved it, but then things started to go wrong, I wasn't earning enough money to cover the costs, the children needed me at home, I wanted to be home, and I ended up get caught up in spiral of debt, this got so bad that I almost lost our family home!  I lost my business, my cars and my self esteem.   I used to rush home to hide the debt letters from my family, and unplug the phones so the debt companies couldn't ring me, I didn't want  anyone to know I was in a financial mess,  especially my husband,  as I felt like a failure at the time., I guess I felt ashamed.   I understand now that it was my own mindset that caused it to go wrong.     After this, I tried my hand at network marketing,  this didn't work out for me at first, and again I ended up getting in more and more debt.  Miles knew about the mess I had got in at this point, he picked up the pieces for me on several occasions, as I kept trying with different networking companies, but was not successful.       Then I came across Juice Plus, this was something that really changed my life, and my family's life.. 3 ½ years later I have built an international business, working from home, with a team of over 150 people around the world. It was network marketing again, I will never forget Mile's face when he realized I was about to try yet another business!!  But I knew in my heart this time that it work, because it gave me an opportunity to help people get healthier, I I would get paid for that. When Miles saw the difference Juice Plus made to my health,  he joined too! , and my daughter joined, she is 18 and at University, so I get peace of mind that she not only gets good nutrition from the products, she has also created her own residual income, so is self sufficient too.

2. How your experience of life pushed you to what you are today?

I learned from my ‘failures'  I knew where I did not want to be!  I am a very determined sort of person, so I just kept trying again, I knew that at some point I would find a way to be successful working from home.   My experiences taught me to be resilient.

What are the top three lessons that you have learnt in life that you want to share with others?

1, Never give in.

2, Everything in life is a choice that we make.   we can choose to be happy, or miserable. 

3, Show gratitude and appreciation, do what it takes to stay positive


4. What do you advise people to do with their lives, with their attitudes, with their moods?

To be aware that our thoughts attract everything in our life,  so always be aware and observant of ‘mind chatter'.   If you find yourself feeling down or unhappy, look around you for things that please you, and focus on them,  this will help you change your mood.    Change comes from within us, we cannot blame anyone else for how we feel.

 5. Do you believe there is a secret recipe to success in life?

Yes, absolutely.  We have to believe in ourselves,  we have to take ourselves out of our comfort  zones.  If there is something we don't like, change it, or change your thoughts about it.  Success means different things to different people, to me it means being truly happy... happy on the inside.   When we are happy, everything in life falls into place.  It is a practiced art though.

 6. Tell us about the Laws of Attraction, what is it about in your opinion?

Everything in our lives, we have manifested, good or  bad,  too many people live their lives by ‘default' believing that they cannot change, so they just ‘get on' with life, accepting things as they are. The reality is, we can change our lives by changing our thoughts and beliefs.  Some say we can't change our core beliefs, I don't think is true, as a belief is just a thought that we keep thinking.... So change what you think about!  Surround yourself with positive people, and stay away from negativity.

 7. How do you advise women to empower their lives?

Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions,  know that you can change. All the answers are within you, talk to the person in the mirror!   Any kind of personal development is a way forward.  Once you learn to love and appreciate yourself, everything changes. So many people don't like themselves, and don't realize that if they change this they can change their life.  Read and watch empowering and motivational books and films.  Follow inspirational people on social media, like Oprah Winfrey,  Louise Hay and  Maya Angelou to mention just a few

 8. Tell us a bit more about what you do right now and your plans in the future!!

I absolutely love life right now.  My mission is to inspire people to be happy, and my work with Juice Plus is to inspire healthy living around the world.    I have been involved with The Juice Plus Company for 3 ½ years,  it's a virtual franchise, based on network marketing.   The products are all plant based and very simple,   it's raw fruits  vegetables and berries in capsules!  The phytonutrients of 27 different varieties that have been juiced, blended, dried and encapsulated.  Once all the water , fiber and sugars are removed, only the phytonutrients are left.  The idea of it is to bridge the gap between the amount of fruits and veggies we do eat, to what we should eat.  It's nothing new, it's been around for over 20 years, I had just never found it!  We actually had our International Convention in Nice in 2013 ...

When I started taking Juice Plus, I had osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists, after 3 months, all the pain and swelling in my joints had gone and I didn't  have to wear wrist support splints anymore.  I'm not making any medical claims as we all heal in different ways, but this is what happened for me.  My energy levels went through the roof, my skin became radiant and I had less wrinkles.  I began to feel really amazing, and people were noticing the difference in me..  Now my passion is to share my experience with as many people as possible and hopefully change their lives too.

I have team members in Cannes and Monte Carlo who I met via Facebook, so I just love coming over from UK to help them build teams and share the products with as many people as we can.  We recently did a Healthy Living Roadshow in Antibes, Nice Cannes Monte Carlo and Sanremo with one of my business partners from Cannes,  Loremi Cedo.  Our  work is all about helping people, having fun, looking and feeling good, and  traveling.   I also have team members in USA, Canada , Australia and throughout  Europe.

Looking to the future... I just want to help as many people as I can around the world have better health, and to expand my team , so more people can earn a residual income, while at the same time having the freedom to do all the things they love, most people don't give themselves time to enjoy life as they are too busy working.  Network marketing brings time freedom and financial freedom to enjoy life to the full, provided you are totally passionate about your product.  I have fallen in love with Juice Plus, I can't imagine life without it now 

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