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Interview on foundation make-up with Michael Latus (YSL)

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11 October 2012


Michael Latus is international make-up artist from YSL and answers our questions regarding make-up and other foundations.

beautypress: What will be the base make-up adapted to every type of skin?

Michael Latus: I recommend in the fatty skins to use a base without oil, with a long couvrance lasted to avoid that the skin "swallows" during the day. There are bases formulated from said ingredients "blotting paper", in order to good matifier and to get a regular complexion.

With the mixed skins, it is necessary to pay attention that the base to be moisturising and to contain few oil: the brilliance on the zone T is to be avoided, and the drier zones are hydrated at the same time.

As for the dry skins, they will pass rather by bases-creams, with an added value care (silk, oil of macadamia for example), so that the skin remains soft and net all day long. Of course, they a good day creamis to be applied before its base!

beautypress: How to apply its base to obtain a professional result: sponge, brush, finger?

Michael Latus: For the liquid bases which are moisturising enough, and to get a fine and equal application, a dyed special brush is recommended, the complexion in the form of star over the face leaving towards the outside is displayed.

For the very creamy bases, portray day cream, the best be still to apply it with the finger, to make it penetrate normally.

It is a bit displayed in the back of the hand, it is warmed up in the finger and it is then displayed over the whole face. 

For the compact bases, a small flat sponge will be ideal: applied delicately and not in very much quantity, the product is more easily to work with.

A rule which is general to all types of foundations: well stretch the product towards the outside and shade off to avoid at all costs these ugly demarcations.

beautypress: How to keep our make-up longer?

Michael Latus: For a zero result faints, I always recommend a good base make-up. It is applied after its habitual care, what cools the face and will allow to conceal the irregularities of the skin and will fix well the make-up which will be then applied. 

Once the foundation is applied, a short pause is left so that this one immerses itself well, and it is possible to take the surplus away with the aid of a handkerchief by pressing it slowly against the skin. Then, they stage isn't especially skipped drift!

beautypress: What do you know about the ingredients contained in make-up products?

Michael Latus: The make-up ingredients are more and more modern and the technology which produces them more and more innovative. This allows us to obtain faster a better result, and with a more and more air couvrance for the skin. They also see that more and more make-up products containing micro-particles of mother-of-pearl, which don't have the same illuminating effect.


beautypress: Let's pass now to the blush!

Michael Latus: The purpose searched with the blush, it is to get a refreshing effect. For it, you shouldn't use shades too much made darker for its complexion, because otherwise sought-after natural effect is lost!

The cream blush

For this type of products, it is necessary to pay attention to apply it BEFORE the powder, therefore live broadcasting having applied its foundation, or even directly after the day care make-up routine. A little of texture on fingers is taken, and it is applied to the upper part of the cheekbone, or then, for a more subtle effect, it is possible to display it first over the back of the hand, and to undertake the brush then.

Blush in powder

My way of applying this one will be to the brush. It is directly applied on stops it where the skin takes colour naturally.

The palette blush multi-dyed

Often composed of at least 4 gradations of colours, she matifie and satine at the same time. A big brush is taken and the colours of the palette without hesitancy are blended to divide pigments well.