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Inspiring Speeches about Business, Healthy Lifestyle, Anti Age, New Techology at Luxpro Monaco

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11 June 2019

On the 6th of June, at Cafe de Paris, Salon Bellevue, it took place the second edition of LuxPro, a private business event, in Monaco. The event wants to be the perfect background of exchanging ideas from the field of business, wealth and luxury. It gathers around High Net Worth people, business managers and creators from all over the world.

Innovating Ideas and New Trends

Innovating ideas and new trends were presented during the speeches that spread from law, economy, healthy lifestyle, new technology and AI, anti-age, real estate and quantum side of stress.

With the short video story of the Principality presented by Diego Bonaventura, the Director of Monaco Chamber of Commerce, we climbed the hills of the Royal Rock and took the lane down to the harbour in order to discover this 2km sq jewel. With a unique economic model, Monaco is placed on the third world place, after Qatar and Luxembourg. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, after Vatican and it has 37308 inhabitants with 139 nationalities, among which 22% have the citizenship. The slogan of the presentation was "An Exceptional Place by Exceptional People" revealing its inner force of a giant despite the actual size.

Nanobots, 5G, AI 

Others topics lead our minds to nanobots and the 5G technology that will soon amaze us with its possibilities but, as the speaker Matthew Gareth Shaw told us it could master our thoughts and minds, too. Through a vegan lifestyle, he said that this technology can harm us only in a smaller proportion. 5G conducts the millimetre waves, short wave bands, which is very condensed.

"It's the emergence of two worlds: human consciousness and AI consciousness. So, within ten or twenty years, if you're thinking something, it will instantly pop up. It's not like cookies. If you search something on Google, the next day, it will appear on your feed... But the next form of tracking and knowing what you're actually going to want is the thought! (...) It's all part of the collective consciousness! " said Matthew Gareth Shaw during his speech.

How much everything around us affects our lifestyle, it can be measured through our own ways of responding to the outside world, business included. For the quantum part described by Pr Eric Oquinarena, you can see your level of hard metals and cell stress through medical tests and go for an emotional detox that will boost your brain.

Beauty relies on genes for an anti age process

Linked to this field, it was another inspiring speech: that of Professor Doctor Elena Baranova who created a new generation of beauty products focused on genes that contribute to rejuvenation. She spoke very much about the importance of the genes and the fact that, after 35 years old, the gene activity starts to decrease. In order to stimulate it, the micro nutrition is necessary, the right supplements and bio elements personalized on each type of person.

Stories that motivate

The evening was so generous in stories, also, with the real estate manager, Yann Olivier, telling us about how the love for his family lead him to this road, Xolali Zigah about fighting multiple sclerosis, winning it and becoming an independent investor, Eric Brundage about the Family Office business, Laure,t Anselmi about the laws in Monaco, Gorian Viretto-Cit about the tax affairs and investments in Monaco and worldwide, about innovation with Rebwar Ismail who designed an underwater machine dedicated to exploring, cleaning and developing this part of the world.

The edition was so dynamic in topics that each one left the event with a stir of emotions or ideas; a thing to feel or to think about it!

Author Andra Oprea