INFINITI unveils a retro prototype at the Concours d’Elégance of the Pebble Beach 2017

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10 August 2017

At the upcoming Pebble Beach 2017 Elegance Contest, INFINITI will unveil a prototype of a retro style vehicle that combines the ingenuity and thirst for adventure of the pioneers of auto sport with what defines the stylistic language of the brand today.

"It all began as a dream. What would happen if we found in the extreme south of Japan a car buried in a barn and hidden by everyone for 70 years? What would happen if we found inside the germs of our passion planted during our first Japanese Grand Prix, but also the power and elegance that define INFINITI DNA today? What would this discovery look like? "Said Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President, Global Design.

This new prototype not only celebrates INFINITI's passion for design but also the roots of the brand and its state of innovation.

The teams of INFINITI and hundreds of artisans have indeed started a return to the roots to develop this prototype, while projecting towards the future by endowing this concept with advanced electrical technology.

The Pebble Beach 2017 Elegance Contest will be held on August 20th.