In Night at Buddha Bar Hotel

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11 November 2011

George V Records has the pleasure of introducing you his very last creation: In Night@Buddha-Bar Hotel the exit of which is envisaged on November 28th. A casket of 12 cds, among which 90 % of unpublished, in that Buddha-Bar opens you the doors of its imagination in the course of musical so spellbinding selection. The whole livened up with a key Individual USB, for an initiatory trip in the middle of the charming world of the Buddha-Bar.

With the success of compilations Buddha-Bar and having enticed several million fans across the world, George V Records offer a new féérique and connected up concept: In Night Buddha-Bar Hotel or the first signed casket Buddha-Bar. A casket of 12 cds, among which 90 % of unpublished, in that BuddhaBar opens you the doors of its imagination in the course of musical so spellbinding selection as smart. The whole livened up with an individual key USB, for an initiatory trip in the middle of the charming world of the Buddha-Bar. After the opening of the first Buddha-Bar Hotel in 2009 in Prague, the quality-label decides to go farther by giving to his fans a whole night of escape and magic within the ambience of Buddha-Bar Hotel. Titles, cleverly mixed, are an invitation to live experience and sumptuous but relaxed art of living which made the notability of the place. Traditional instruments and électro tones dredged with French Flair and oriental keys will blend therefore to give however particular alchemy they confer on him. Restricted and numbered in 15 000 copies, this casket will not finish between all hands. A precious object therefore, which should make envious a lot. Join the circle of the community Buddha-Bar with this new concept in paces « Of The Thousand One Harmed ». 


DJ Ravin

Pour Ravin, life is music. His search to find new melodies, unknown feelings and hidden talents been part of his daily. This musical search is first of all full of passion and curiosity: all worlds united in a handle of sounds. With sounds which touch spirituality, of rhythms which transcend cultures and harmony of east which blend in with gentle winds come from Occident, music tells its own history. Gulch extends the time which crosses, decelerates the rotation of the Earth and invites you to accompany it for an initiatory musical trip. To exceed borders and to institute calmness and privacy are the keys of the success of this DJ, tirelessly enthralled by the actual electrical mixture of tendencies and music World. Gulch has create an unique cocktail, a spiritual union imprinted by its unbelievable knowledge and its deep love for traditional musics of the whole world. In 1997, it mixes its first jeux for Buddha-Bar Paris and brings a peculiar key in the unique musical signature of concept Buddha-Bar. Always enlarging his skylines, it brews several compilations of its style fusion, among which fabled compilations Buddha-Bar 3,7,9,10,11, 12, 13, this special casket and all musical collection Siddharta. 


Nithin Sawhney

Le success of Swahney is unbelievable. He played with some of the most famous orchestras and collaborated with the biggest such as Paul McCartney, Sting, The London Symphony Orchestra, A.R. Rahman, Brian Eno, Sinead O' Connor, Anoushka Shankar, Jeff Beck, Shakira, Will Young, Taio Cruz, Get Cape Wear Mantle Fly, Ellie Goulding, Circus Of The Sun, Akram Khan, Mira Nair, Nelson Mandela and John Hurt. With a classical course, Swahney is however experienced DJ, in established reputation, which makes turn on its platinums all music styles of African Beat, Dubstep, in musics of Asia up to the drum not bass. Refining its talent of DJ in famous "Fabric" limps of London at night, Sawhney also mixed in Big Chill, Womad, Womadelaide and in numerous festivals across the world. Clubland has already taken out 3 albums of Sawhney to the international: " All Mixed Up - The definitive remix collection "; " Fabriclive 15 "and " In the Mind of... Nitin Sawhney ». 


Singer Zeebee

La and composer Zeebee newly shone as the key singer of the album of influence, successful, "Ballroom Stories", of the Viennese producer Klaus Waldeck. « Be My Sailor » is his third album. These last two years, Zeebee evolved a lot as singer and composer. While its first two albums, « Chemistry "and " Priority », had an experimental tonality, its new album, shone, radiates of peace, with a certain melancholia, at the same time mature and powerful. His voice is also appealing and soft that the siren song, making you so fast addict. Love, pain, jealousy, pornography, war, change or loss of identity: Zeebee puts on in dense cloud and shows the vulnerability, and it is précisement the force. Arrangements Dub are mixed on an air of Twin Peaks. They also find a key of blues at the end of the album « Be My Sailor » which was written and played by:Z Zeebee, Klaus Waldeck, Matthieu Dailly, Shayan Fathi, Milos Todorovski, Jon Kaiser, Manfred Hermann, John Withfield, Parov Stelar, Raffael Francis, Street Kostron, Thomas Hechenberger, Carla Zauner, Jerry Schwärzler, Stefan Trischler, Albin Janoschka, Philipp Moosbrugger. 


KarSh Kale

Represents by Billboard Magazine, as a compositor and producer in visionary's talent, Karsh Kale is one of the stars going up of the musical stage. In the course of last 12 years, it ignited the world of électro fusion as artist, producer, compositor, man of stage and DJ, creating so a new type and a new musical knowledge which continues influencing whole generation today. Karsh Kale also constructed a solid reputation by multiplying collaboration with famous artists of the whole world, he leaves to the discovery of the worlds of the électro, traditional Indian music, rock, the jazz, the hip hop and fusion. Kale does not cease reinventing his music continuously what puts it at the rank of artist fusion most coveted by instant. In the middle of the nineties, Kale collaborates and records in the quoting of famous artists such as DJ Spooky, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Amel Larouix, Bill Laswell and many others else. His unique style contributes to support its reputation, it recorded, for instance, sessions for artists such as Lenny Kravitz newly, Yoko Ono... Kale took out more than 50 pieces as musician. Karsh Kale apparait as a force of the électro stage, not only as man of stage, musician / compositor but also as DJ. Karsh has create remix, present on numerous compilations, for known artists as Paula Cole, DJ Spooky, The Cure, Sting, Midival Punditz, Yoko Ono, Ann ranee, Janaka Selktah to name some only some. Karsh also has preté his talents of compositor and producer in the cinema and in television. The music of Kale was used in series television of the chaine HBO such as "Real Time with Bill Maher" and "True Blood". It participates in numerous plans, as well for films as solo plans. Karsh continues sharing his vision of music with his enlarging public and stays at the rank of excellence in musical industry.