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I love stripes glasses collection Marc by Marc Jacobs

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8 May 2012

The collection of glasses Mark by Mark Jacobs introduces the new models « I LOVE STRIPES ».

In acetate or in metal, the new models cathces the eye with their pointed branches with the emblematic vertical brand stripes. The new collection is made up of chic models and easy to wear, with rectangular forms for the man and delicate cat eye suggestions for woemn.

With the "new wave" spirit of 80s New York, the new models are more coloured than ever. Settings dare the graphic lines and the geometric volumes, for games of transparence, matt finishing and the associations of lively colours which create models of contemporary style intended for the fans of Mark by Mark Jacobs. Iconic stripes decline in two versions: liqueurs brandy on the two-coloured models (mod. MMJ 316 / s, MMJ 525, MMJ 534), or more spaced out and in tones pastel on acetates multi-layered exclusive (mod. MMJ 315 / S, MMJ 530, MMJ 531, MMJ 533).