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I am a Woman of the World, Interview

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24 November 2017

Dear Juliette, our readers are eager to get to know more about you. You are on Stylezza E-Shop ! What can you tell us more about yourself ?

I am a perfumer and artmaker since 1989 and I make about 4000 hats by year . We sell the perfumes and the hats all over the world. There are new models every year.

I love hats and perfumes. For me, is my story.

What defines you as a designer ?

I design everything. Everyday I create. I design hats, I design perfumes.

What is the story behind the hats ? How it all started ?

It started when I was a child. My godmother, when she was in Paris, was in fashion. She introduced me to the fashion people. When I was a child, I wanted to create the hats to go with the dresses. It was my dream, so I started it about when I was 18.

Which type of personality your hats represent ?

It's the free woman, a classical style, chic classe, not too eccentric, a way of living ... de bonne humeur.

The feeling of freedom, of being yourself ?

Yes ! Because I spent 10 years in St Barth. For me, to share my point of view with the people is very important. With my designs, I try to share with the people all my mind.

You took your inspiration from St Barth ?

Yes !

What defines this inspiration, in fact ?

This inspiration is very important to me that's why I don't change the name of my brand. I live in Vallauris now, I live in St Barth, my house name is Eden House ...it's like I am on an island everyday, I have my workshop, my hats, my perfumes...

How many hats have you created till now ?

About 4000 per year !

Are there any fashion codes for wearing hats ?

It depends ! I put flowers, shells ..so it is very beachy style but I like also the winter style, with feutres, little things to give personality ...

We can call it boho chic, bohemian chic ?

Yes !

How you vizualise women wearing your designs ?

My designs are for different women. For me it's a modern style for women !

With perfumes, there's another love story, how did you become a perfume designer ?

I started to be into perfumes since I was 8 years old. All my friends and family are in the perfume industry. I work with Jean Francois Latti. Shell Beach is my first perfume from St Barth...

What were the fragrances used in the perfume ?

White musk, the main fragrance, grapefruit .. it is a special perfume for me.

Do you still commercialize it ?

Yes ! There are now 11 perfumes in my lines. We've just launched in October in Paris, at the Fashion Week, my new perfume collection which is Amour Intense, Neroli Imperial, Magic Night, Larmes d'Orient. We've just made a videoclip in Paris for Amour Intense and we have already 13000 views.  

What message do you want to convey through your perfumes ?

This last collection is about love. I want to share, with the people, the good human values.

What perfume do you still wish to create ?

Everyday I want to create another perfume. Everyday I make a lot of research, everyday I smell a lot of perfumes  and I take inspiration to make another creation.

Are you collaborating with somebody for your perfumes ?

Yes ! We are a team but I choose the fragrance.

What is the procedure for creating a perfume ?

It's very complicated. Each perfume needs a lot of work. I need to do a lot of research to obtain what I want. Also, we have to respect the Europe regulations.

What's your favourite fragrance to work with ?

I love greapfruit and I love the fruity perfumes. But I like also the wood. For me each day can be another perfume, another situation, a new discovery. I choose the perfume for each moment : the morning, the evening. I change everything. I need to test to know everything.

What is your favourite place to visit in terms of its olfactory image ?

I love Grasse. Yesterday I was in the Jardins of Nymphe, it's one of my favourite place. I also love a lot Villa Rothschild in Cap Ferrat, Musee International de la Parfumerie in Mouans Sartoux. I love, in London, the Kew Gardens and a lot of tropical gardens in Florida and, of course, St Barth.

What book are you reading right now ?

I have a lot of books. I read a lot. I read a lot of magazines, I read a lot of biographies.

What is your own style ?

I think I am a modern chic woman. I really want to embody something true, authentic.

The next steps into your fashion and beauty world ?

There are a lot of steps. Next year I will have to travel a lot in Dubai, in Florida, Italy, the fashion weeks, for the perfumes events. I have to make some choice and prioritize and explain to the world my point of view. I am very happy to meet people, to discover new cultures, new different things. I am a woman of the world !

You can find Juliette's designs on Stylezza E-Shop.

Interview by Andra Oprea





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