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Hutten Palace Hotel

lifestyle & tra…luxury

6 November 2011


The two founders of the hotel, Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer, have lived in Neukölln for more than 7 years. They really grew in love with this beautiful area of Berlin and they very much like to be hosts. Their living room got too small for all their friends, so they decided to look for a bigger place in Neukölln to host their guests. One day they found the old vacuum-cleaner factory in Hobrechtstraße, fell in love with the building and decided to build a small hotel. They wanted to maintain the great architecture and not destroy it by building seperate rooms. Also they wanted to create a space, where people actually meet each other and not only get a key at reception and disappear in their rooms forever. So they started to think about a \"room - in - room - concept\" and decided to build little  wooden cabins in the hall. At some point they felt that they want more flexibility inside the place, since it is supposed to be a place of constant change and should be used for events of all kind as well. So they decided to put wheels under the cabins. It was then they realized that there are already cabins with wheels: caravans! Now, three caravans and three wooden cabins found their home in Hüttenpalast and make a cosy camping atmosphere inside the factory hall. Every caravan and cabin is individually designed  and has some space in front of it, so guests can chill there and have a chat with their „next-door neighbours\".


Those who prefer more privacy can stay in six spacious new rooms located in another part of the factory. Flooded with natural light, these attractive quarters feature thoughtful design and en-suite bathrooms.


You should also come for a visit in our café. Homemade cake, breakfast on etageres, herbs growing out of wooden tables and the best lunch offer in town attract not only our hotel guests, but also neighbours and people working in Neukölln. In summertime our beautiful, green garden is the perfect oasis for those who seek some quietness in the middle of the city...


And this is our prices:


Caravans and Cabins (can be booked already): Single booking: 40 Euros per night

Double booking: 60 Euros per night


  • A small breakfast is included
  • Separated facilities for men and women


Hotel Rooms (booking starts June 2nd): Single booking: 60 Euros per night Double booking: 80 Euros per night Triple booking: 110 Euros per night

Family room (4 beds): 130 Euros per night


  • Breakfast is not included, but can be ordered from our fantastic breakfast menu
  • Facilities in each room

All hotel rooms are barrier-free. We have one extra shower and restroom for handicapped guests. Friday night bookings are only possible, if you book saturday night as well. We want our guests

to enjoy the whole weekend in Berlin J