Humor and Romanian Culture for a Rare Show on the French Riviera

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19 November 2018

On December the 8th, Polygone Riviera in Cagnes sur Mer will host a different kind of show for the Romanian community and not only! Three great Romanian artists will perform on the stage with a show that is expected to conquer everyone's hearts. Ion Caramitru, Horaţiu Mălăele and the cellist Adrian Naidin wil present "Cate-n Luna si in Stele", a two-hour show filled with of humor, poetry and music in a superclass performance, brought directly from the stage of the National Theater in Bucharest. A rare event, from which you can not miss if you appreciate the true Romanian art. 

Romanian Culture and Humor on the French Riviera

"There are scenes depicted from everyone's life and even better then the films. These performances depass reality and these kind of shows we always remember with pleasure. GVG Art Performance aims to present to you, on  the 8th of December 2018, the great artists of the Romanian scene, and not only, in order to get you closer to the Romanian culture and spirit. In the current society in which non-valuables become values, GVG Art Performance, through its spectacles, wants to bring added value, humor and delight to your soul with a hint of Romanian spirit dedicated to the Diaspora.", said Maria Iordan, the organizer of the event.
On the occasion of this event, the artist and designer George Lucian, who revolutionized the world of maritime transport, will present the exhibition entitled "Details" . Also, the actors will present their books at the reception after the show. 

"I will exhibit some of my works which have been created and exposed in France and Monaco. I am glad that I will be able to present them to a Romanian public, here on the French Riviera!"

Tickets can be bought by the phone 0643025326 or online at: