Hublot Design Prize 2018

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5 September 2018


The originality and the committed vision of "Formafantasma" and "Dozie Kanu" conquered the jury of the Hublot Design Prize 2018

"Design and Innovation have been synonymous with Hublot since its founding in 1980. We naturally merge with all the worlds that create a turning point, write history, change the world. To inspire, to infuse, to support, to transmit so that creation never ceases. This is the goal of the Hublot Design Prize - to highlight promising designers from around the world; to reward experimental, innovative and unusual projects that illustrate techniques, innovative materials, new technologies. And above all, a message-bearing design, which is part of a social and environmental approach.When to create makes sense! ". Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

The Hublot Design Prize is: 7 Promising Designers - 15 Countries / 4 Continents - 6 Jury Members - 2 Tied Equivalents: "Formafantasma" and "Dozie Kanu" - A prize of CHF 100'000.-to be divided between the 2 winners - Inspiration, Creativity, Meaning as a red thread! They accompany us on a daily basis, these iconic Design objects. They have achieved such recognition, that the name of their designer or their name is as well known as the brand with which they are associated. A known trajectory for the Big Bang watch, its rubber bracelets and its innovative concept of fusion of materials. Recognizable among thousands, they are icons, they print in their own way a state of mind on the world. A trajectory that Hublot wants to offer to the new generation of designers. A generation that sees Design as a means of conveying a message, whether to reduce inequalities, to consume and thus to produce in a responsible and sustainable way, to reconnect people, to make the intangible tangible or to preach a gender neutral world.

They are 7 designers, who each in their own way, through their creations simply show that Design can be meaningful and can change things, even the world! They have talent, they have a vision, they are the design of tomorrow. Under the eyes of a jury of six influential design figures in Switzerland and around the world, the Hublot Design Prize offers them a springboard, an opportunity to gain notoriety and visibility. Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic Big Bang watch, the Hublot Design Prize will have traveled from Tokyo to London, passing through the Manufacture Hublot in Nyon. For its 4th edition, Hublot has chosen to celebrate it at the first edition of Grand Basel - an event that looks at the automotive world from an innovative angle. A 4th edition which also displays a new way of thinking about Design. Because Hublot's philosophy is simply to be "first, unique and different". The Hublot Design Prize 2018 rewards the work of "Formafantasma" and "Dozie Kanu" winners tied.