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How to Succeed in Creating a Natural Energizing Drink in France?

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22 March

Each story tells us something about life. Here we have a story about a dream and its road to getting to success!

At a time when our society attaches very particular importance to the health and well-being of the body, at a time when fashion is "fitness" and "healthy", Miami Soul, a carbonated soft drink, enters the soft drink market. MIAMI Soul has a formula reinforced with vitamin B6 and B12, and contains mainly extracts of 3 plants, Maté, Baobab and Ginseng. Mate is known to restore balance and balance of body and mind. It is rich in vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B2) and in minerals (magnesium, potassium, phosphorus). Mate is best known as a natural appetite stabilizer as well as a very good source of antioxidants Ginseng: Its main bioactive constituents are ginsenosides, whose beneficial effects have been demonstrated, in particular their anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. It is above all a stimulant of the nervous, physical and intellectual system and increases physical resistance. It is a stimulant, vasomotor. It has a fundamental action on the organism. Baobab is known for its high content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Vitamin C protects the body against free radicals, it is a powerful antioxidant. It participates in several metabolic processes, such as the biosynthesis of collagen, as a neurotransmitter and in steroids, synthetic hormones. It also increases the absorption of calcium and the bioavailability of iron, and is linked to the prevention of many degenerative diseases (cataract formation, cardiovascular risks, arteriosclerosis).

What is the origin of this concept, Miami Soul?

Miami Soul is The soul of Miami because the city of Miami is a dream. I travel a lot! I have traveled to Africa, South America, North America, China. When I went to Africa, I saw that people have so much energy and I wondered what could be the reason behind it. I am thinking of the banana diet, but finally I saw that there are large trees called baobab which contains very powerful antioxidants, with a purifying effect which gives a lot of energy. It inspired me! Then, in South America, I saw people chewing mate leaves, used a lot in Europe as tea. On the other hand, mate releases, by chewing, natural caffeine which gives a lot of energy.When I saw the mate and the baobab, it gave me the idea to do something with it.

Afterwards, I went to China, where I saw that, in their small dishes, without exception, they put ginger or ginseng.By mixing all these three elements, I thought of making a natural energy drink. Then I found a factory to apply this in Florence, Italy, the best factory that makes natural whiskey. We set it up in their laboratory and, finally, we created a revitalizing natural drink. We added a small lemon to have a nice color. Taste, too, was important because the plant extracts don't taste great. We wanted something original. In the end, we had the drink: good color, good taste and good energy.How did you set up the brand here in France?We created it in St Paul de Vence. It's a French but universal drink. We presented it in China, they really liked it. In Nigeria too, because it's Miami!At first, I had no idea how to launch the product, I didn't know if I was going to succeed or not. Finally, I managed to get the concept, the certificates that all come from the factory.

How did you start promoting your product?

Initially, we said that we will see if it works by making a first production. In the first production, we put too much sugar. We had a lot of people who loved it, though. But because we are natural, we have reduced sugar by up to 7%. At this percentage, it becomes too bland. We went up to 8% and we cheated: we put more gas and like that, in the mouth, gives off a sweeter sensation. We made 150,000 cannetes four years ago for presentation. We had evenings that went very well. We've had a lot of good feedback, we don't expect that. We took small steps, in front of the schools, the students and the people loved it. We met Angela who took care of the brand image. We became a member of a major car brand, other clubs and brands.With the second production, we started to sell!I think it's a successful bet because there aren't many drinks like that. This year is the take-off, the explosion in many countries. We are more abroad than in France but it is starting, little by little, also in France.

How do you see your brand in the future?

I had an appointment with a great gentleman in China who told me that he really likes the drink. If we reach an agreement with a reasonable price, I will make all the Chinese drink at least one can. It's a billion two hundred thousand cans. There is a very large factory in China that makes water, energy drinks and they liked my drink. And with French production, people love it, especially in China. Our goal is international as its name is: it is universal!