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How To Style Your Home And Sell Quickly

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15 December 2020

How can I sell my house fast? This is probably the biggest concern among most home sellers. When considering to sell your home as fast as possible, it is vital to consider factors that will attract potential buyers to consider your property. 

Results from various property research projects show that in the real estate business, staged homes go for a higher price, and tend to sell faster compared to un-staged homes. Among the aspects that will get your house sold quickly is how aesthetically pleasing it is. When styling, go for unique lighting accessories, neutral paint colours and eye-catching décor. It is, however, crucial to go minimal and neutral on everything to avoid distracting your customer.

In this article, we discuss various ways through which you can style your home and get it to sell quickly.

De-Clutter and De-Personalise the Entire Space

This should be the first step, and perhaps the most important in your styling process. Any item that is not functional should be removed. You can choose to get rid of the stuff entirely or store them elsewhere. All potential house buyers are usually looking for a house with a lot of space, therefore the need to keep away everything that may make your space seem small. Avoid having a lot of furniture and décor items. The less it is, the more appealing to the client.

You need to sell your house soon, meaning your house should not portray your personality. Go ahead and remove all your personalised items. Doing this enables potential buyers to envision living there and how they can transform the space through their style and taste.

Enhance the Outdoor Look

The exterior detail of your home is a factor of consideration by many buyers. It would be best if you focused on working towards an impressive outdoor area. The entire area should be litter-free. Create time or have a gardener mow the lawns, prune overgrown branches and trim the trees if necessary. If the ground looks too bare, you can add some potted plants or plant some coloured flowers like in yellow which is said to attract buyers or in white that is said to create calm on houses located in busy streets.

Ensure you clean and scrub all the paths and other outdoor areas that may need cleaning such as the porch. Remember to dust and get rid of the cobwebs too. Also, polish up all the areas that seem dull. You may also choose to replace your old doormat, mailbox and house number with newer and more appealing ones. To make the area more stunning, consider adding more eye-catching outdoor accessories!

The Perfect Paint Job

Proper painting is another vital styling tip you should be keen to carry out. You may love experimenting with different colours, but if you are looking forward to impressing your client, you should focus on more neutral colours. Bright colours are a big turn off for most potential buyers. Some clients may prefer bold colours but having neutral colours presents them the choice to repaint later or to let them stay as they are. Neutral colours that can give your house a sophisticated look include Mocha, White, Gray and Taupe.

Neat Furniture Arrangement

The furniture should be minimal. There should not be a lot going on with space. When the buyer walks in, the room should seem open and spacious enough. Preferably, work in pairs of three for each furniture type, rather than lining many of them in a row. For instance, two chairs and a sofa. The largest items should always remain at the back and the smallest at the front. Avoid pushing furniture to the wall, leave some space for the furniture to float away from the walls. Get rid of large pieces of furniture that may make the room appear small. The open space should enable the buyer to imagine how their furniture selection would look in the different spaces.

Proper Lighting

It is necessary to brighten up the entire house. It would help if you made sure that there is as much light highlighting the spaces. The roller blinds on all the windows should be opened to not only allow more light to shine in but also to create the illusion of bigger rooms. Make sure the windows are dust-free, squeaky clean and remain open to let in some fresh air.

Artificial lighting can also add more style to your home. Tall lamps are a great way to fill the dark house corners with light. Consider selecting light bulbs with consistent warm colours such as cool white, soft white and daylight for the entire house. Remember to have all the lights on whenever you have a showing to do.

Stage the Main Areas

You do not have to stress about styling every room in the entire house. Concentrate your staging efforts on rooms that are of most importance to buyers. Please focus on the master bedroom and its bathroom, the living area, the kitchen and dining area. Ensure the bedding in the bedrooms are sparkling clean. The dining area should be well-styled to create appeal. Generally, they should all ooze with an appeal.


The tips above guide you on the essential styling tips you should concentrate on to sell your house quickly. You can also seek the services of a company that specialises in selling houses. It will ensure a more speedy process to the sale of your house and relieve you the stress of "How to sell my house fast."