• Photos: Hikmat Wehbi & Fit Camera DXB

  • Photos: Hikmat Wehbi & Fit Camera DXB 


Photos: Hikmat Wehbi & Fit Camera DXB

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How to stay healthy and fit in the new era, Interview

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16 July 2019

Stay fit, eat healthy, do some sport, these are regular parts of a normal lifestyle, nowadays. People have become more and more aware of the importance of shifting from sedentarism to movement, to embrace self-consciousness and be more active on all levels of life.

It is not only having a great looking body, it is also having a disciplined mind and a relaxed spirit. This is what Andrei Andrei, a certified global fitness instructor, tells us in the interview below. He's a model and a fitness guru who is not only having the perfect manly body, but also has a focused spirit and mind that guides his everyday living.

Andrei, please tell our readers more about you and your story?

Hey, I am Romanian, I have finished IT University in my home town and decided not to spend my days behind a desk so I started travelling the world as a fashion model. In the mean time, I've learnt web design and website development and have had fitness as my passion.

I started coaching friends at first and teaching them how to take care of their body and develop healthy habits, not necessarily thinking of making a career in this field. Things developed quite fast when more and more people were asking for my help and this took over my whole life.

I was always in shape, working on my body and mind consistently, so I got my trainer certificates and went into deep knowledge in movement patterns, nutrition and everything that is related to a better and more fulfilled life.

Now, this is my career and I love it, I get to see at first-hand how people's life change when it comes to their bodies up to confidence and positivity.

How has fitness shaped your body and your personality?

I started fitness, at first, for physical appearance, confidence and getting noticed. I know, it seems a bit superficial but most of my clients have the same reasons. Only a few are doing it for health reasons and those are the ones with specific injuries.

In time, I've realized that it's not only making you look better and younger but it enhances everything and teaches you about discipline, about the grind, suffering, paying the price, about goals and achievements.

And all of those things apply in mostly every aspect of life. This is how fitness changed everything.

Made me want more, and not settle for mediocrity and safety.

What is your life philosophy and what keeps you moving?

I think in order to have a good life you have to set goas so there is something to fight for all the time. People are made to be active and when boredom or routine comes into place, depression sets as well.  Especially these days with the type of food we eat, it is so easy to store extra energy in your body and, with no movement, it goes nowhere so it gets stored.

At this moment, my greatest motivation to keep myself going is the fact that I apparently inspire people and I get a lot of encouragements from my followers. This makes me hungrier for knowledge so that I can ultimately share and give value content.

Do you follow a certain routine or regime in order to have a body like yours? What about the mind?

Well, yes! Consistency is the key!

The body is a very adaptable machine. So, if you put the body into certain stress, it has no choice but to adapt to survive. Workout is a stress and done properly and often enough, it can be easily manipulated.

The hard part is taking control of your own body and this is where the mind comes into play. Motivation Is a huge part in this and whenever I feel unmotivated, my discipline takes over and I grind through the workout.

My first love was bodybuilding and then crossed over into CrossFit and functional movement.

Right now, I do them both and each style of training has its purpose. Looks and performance.

I train 5-6 times a week, I rarely do classic cardio.

Do you think the new technologies will have a certain impact on the way people stay fit?

I am actually working on my new website specifically build around online personal training. I think technology is the future and this way I can help way more people worldwide.

It will be linked to a Phone app and I'll develop a customised program for each individual person, tracking their progression and adjusting their Nutrition accordingly. http://www.andreiandrei.com/

Where in the world it feels more like home to you?

After traveling all over the world and never felt like I belong truly to some place, I have found my home in Dubai. It's amazing to live in one of the most advanced cities in the world.

How do you see yourself in the future?

Personally, I want to become one of the best in the world when it comes to inspiring people, developping methods and helping as many individuals as possible.

Interview by Andra Oprea


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