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How to have the runway beauty looks?


10 July 2017

Paris Fashion Week and the catwalks inspire us to have the beauty looks from the eyelids and the lips, the entire face! Beautypress has taken a look and unveils the most beautiful trends of this year.

Pretty in pink

If you wear this pop color on your lips and nails, it should be paired with a make-up look. To do this, the eyelashes will be accentuated and the eyelids with a line of eyeliner or kohl. The hair will be attached in a ponytail falling in the middle of the back, for a discreet look and suitable for all occasions! 


This year, the sun is celebrated during Fashion Week. On the program, brilliant jewelry, sequins, satin and impeccable skin for a dazzling appearance. But one can also shine trough makeup: what trend would be more adapted than the strobing? Applied just above the cheekbones, in the center of the forehead, at the eyebrows, on the chin, on the edge of the nose and at the inner corner of the eye it will illuminate your complexion in a flash, making your face fresh and radiant . If this is not enough, accentuate the lips with a clear shine and apply a shimmering eyeshadow over the eyelids.

The less is better

Designers have limited themselves to the essential and thus meet the requirement of a reduced appearance to be simple but elegant. The same principle was applied by the make-up artists: the beauty sets are pure and natural. The red gives an air of youth and freshness. The girls parade like schoolgirls: their complexion is perfect, their hair is disciplined, nothing clothes the lips and eyes.

Red fruits

What strikes the catwalks is the red raspberry pout. In general, red fruits are used in different ways for summer makeup: raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry and strawberry not only go to the lips, but also on the nails!