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How to have beautiful legs every season with Gillette Venus and Julie Ferrez

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8 August 2013

How to protect the skin during the seasons? Use advice of Julie Ferrez, well-being coach!

The skin passes through seasons and fits differently to climatic changes and to our living conditions which follow from it. Cold, wind, rain, sun are so many confusion for it. To protect it in the correct way, it is necessary to look after it to the rhythm of seasons. Here are some beauty and sport advice from Julie Ferrez:

In spring

Fine weather arrives and it is time to take out the nose outside! 4 advice to have the legs of a gazelle:

1 - Move 30 minutes a day! Favour external activities, for example quick walk, by planting the heel well in the soil and by growing back at the farthest on the same heel to force the muscles of the back of thighs and of the sciatic to rally. But the roller is also perfect to sculpt the legs and the sciatic! Make one-two walks per week.

2 - Do not skip a meal! Use food with a low glycemic indice not to take weight and get rid of the ballast of some kilogrammes. Having nice legs means also having a good alimentation. Abolish the white bread to the advantage of the wholemeal bread, cereals or rye but also all refined sugars which favour cellulitis and weighty catch.

3 - Get used before the summer ends in showering at the end with cold water to your feet, to your calves, or even up to the half of thighs. You will have legs of gazelles, fine and tonic. Even if at first, it is not very nice, your circulation will thank you this summer! I recommend you then to apply a milk rather than a cream for the moisturising of your body. Choose a fluid and refreshing milk which will make you more dynamic. A protected skin is also a more tonic skin.

In summer

1 - Take good care of your feet! One time a week, erase your legs to eliminate the dead skins, to make them soft, and to speed the circulation up. Your legs will be soft and are hydrated. They also play the smell of holiday on the glamorous and delicate side of a dry oil for the end of the day... But if you are in the sun, opt for a protective cream not to damage your skin!

2 - Drink and eliminate! Put on the liquid chlorophyll to alcalinise the pH of your body, a less sour body, and this helps the organism eliminates much more quickly the toxins. You will drain with 2 tablespoonfuls of chlorophyll in your bottle of water. It is also a cool taste for this summer and an anticellulitis drink par excellence!

3 - Jump to eliminate... In your skipping ropes 10 minutes every day! To put an end to your cellulitis this summer, you have between hands the best ally to sculpt your sciatic, your calves and your thighs in only some minutes per day. Always on demi-pointes, elbows against size, made from small series you quickly advance!

In autumn

Optimise your physical condition to maintain your legs in good shape. Here are advice of this autumn to remain sexy:

1 - Limit sweet food after 17 h! It is from this definite instant that the metabolism decelerates. Then, do not load it with sugars, they are going to be stocked. Favour protein food as seeds (almonds, hazelnuts etc), yoghurts, high-fibre apples etc...

2 - Begin an aquatic activity! It is top for your legs, your circulation of the blood. Ypu can choose the aquabiking, the palms, the aquarobics... You will feel always like on a holiday. 1 time a week besides your daily 30 minutes it is top!

3 - Use suntan as longer as possible. Choose a moisturising oil to be put on a humid skin after the shower. It is a chance to assemble you to speed up your circulation of the blood and to keep a pretty skin.

4 - Relax! Flexible muscles are long muscles! Every morning, awaken your body with the position of the overturned dog. Leave on all fours, then tighten your legs and grow back in your arms. Take in the head towards your knees and support the time of 7 breathing by the nose. Bring back then not afterwards not, your feet between your hands and unwind your column to return standing. 2 - 3 repetitions will be perfect. You lengthen so the muscles of the back of thighs, and your tendons and speed up the circulation of the blood.

In winter

It is the Detox period from January therefore good resolutions make their appearance. To keep nice legs, here is my advice:

1 - To go for a treatment in a spa after holidays, it is the beauty cure of the Celtics for centuries! Your legs will be drained, your liver and your organs in better health. Opt for an intensive moisturising of your skin. The changes of temperature, the rubbings of clothes against the skin put it in severe test. Choose a long moisturizer richer length than remains him of the year. You will keep baby's skin!

2 - Mass to help your circulation of the blood to accelerate but also to break padding flosses and to eliminate them. The time not being in the fine weather, you have tendency to go out less then compensate with automassage to prevent the cellulitis from being encrusted!

3 - In your flat, walk around bare-footed by becoming aware of your steps. It is a very good exercise to reinforce the muscles of the feet, to speed up the circulation of the blood of your legs because under your plant of foot " the pomp " the most powerful after your heart is to bring back up the blood towards the heart. Besides, you reinforce your ankles which contribute to a good blood circulation. Take 15 minutes after coming back of your working day. It is also a way of decompress and feel the earth.

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