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How to have a healthy hair


7 August 2013

Brush, paint iron, lacquer, hairdrier, to be sluck / curled, frost ... man or woman, possibilities of styling seem to be infinite, and each one of us has the products according to the needs and transforms the bathroom sometimes into true hairdressing salon. Here are some ground rules to be adopted when launching into a merciless capillary struggle.

Heat (hairdrier, iron) comes to weaken the hair: for the fine hair you should not go above 150°C, 180°C for the normal hair. Prefer that plates in ceramics which allow to avoid some superheating in the capillary fibre. 

Particular precaution on wet hair: some products are applied and enter really better when the hair is humid, on the other hand ironing to be sluck and to curl are not advisable before the hair is dry, at the risk of speeding its breakage up.

And the more the hair is solicited, the more it requires profound care which for reparation (hydration and nourishing): ideally a mask on céramides and proteins will make them the biggest good. 

The damaged hair is a porous hair for which it is necessary to give necessary nutriments to rebuild the fibre and to come to fill "fissures" up, what will restore its brightness. In case the hair is extremely harmed, it is necessary to ban a time during any device for hairstyling.

The health of the hair also passes by hair accessories correctly and regularly cleaned: to soak a comb or to pass its brush to take away hair and other wastes. In a general way, it is necessary to clean them with hot water, and according to needs, to use them a bit of shampoo or a cleansing lingette, then to let them dry outside. Irons to be curled / sluck will have to be cleaned with the aid of lingettes once cold. On some hairdriers, the filter can be withdrawn is therefore cleaned, and will avoid so the superheating of the apparatus. Let completely dry the filter before delaying it.

Text: beautypress.fr