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How to have a hairstyle like in The Great Gatsby


13 May 2013

Hairstyle in the Twenties 

Follow these simple steps to get the look: 

1. Blow dry clean hair with a round brush, creating as much volume as you can, I love Redken aerate 08 for volume and hold as its not sticky or heavy, then spray lightly with hairspray.

2. Part the hair in a deep side parting (straight line partings are more effective), then divide into two from behind the ear, similar to doing a half ponytail. Tie the bottom half into a ponytail and leave. 

3. To tong the top and sides, take sections of hair between 1-2 square inches in size and curl forwards with a medium barrel tong. Smaller barrel sizes create tighter waves. 

4. Clip the curls in place with section clips as they are longer and hold better, do not separate the curl until it has cooled, and then spray with hairspray. 

5. Now curl the pony tail outwards from the centre lightly with the tong, not as tightly as the top, just a gentle curl. 

6. When ready, take out the clips from the top and brush out gently with a natural bristle brush, set them into finger waves with your hand by pushing the wave into place and clipping to hold, following the curl that is already there. Do this all the way around your head leaving the parting you have made firmly in place, letting the top hair fall gently over the ponytail.TIP: Keep the clips in for as long as possible. Half an hour will do but you can leave them in all day for a long-lasting style.

7. Remove the section grips gently and carefully so as not to move the hair.They will be relatively light waves, but for a bolder look, a thinner barrel will get you tighter finger waves.

8. Back brush the ponytail curls lightly for volume then twist and fix with kirby grips and spray. Joining the top hair gently into the pony tail , Don't worry if they are slightly uneven, it looks soft and feminine.

9. Decorate the front thick section of hair with a piece of costume hair jewellery or at the back of the neck to decorate the twist of the makeshift bun. We have found some in Topshop, River Island, and Lanvin have a great feathered head band.  

Tips from the hairstylist Stephanie Stevenson