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How To Correctly Treat Your Acne

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5 March 2020

How to treat acne complexion?

Acne is a dermatosis, that is to say, a pathology of the skin. At the base is reserved for dermatologists. Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland found in the dermis, an inflammation that is linked to a hormonal phenomenon, a food phenomenon and a lifestyle of a certain category of people who do not sweat enough. The gland secretes sebum and the sebum stays inside.When you say you have acne, you have young people who say they have acne as soon as they have two pimples. No, it's not acne! Acne is identified from the moment there are inflammatory areas from six, eight papules. Below, it's just a normal hormonal phenomenon in young people.

How to treat it?

Acne, if it is purulent, you must see a dermatologist who will give them local antibiotics, very targeted only for acne. There are drugs with serious side effects and for that, now the medical treatment is antibiotic plus a special gel with a molecule called benzol peroxide which will treat inflammatory conditions.

In terms of pure aesthetics, basic estheticians cannot touch an acne complexion. Estheticians with much more experience will be able to perform, without traumatizing the skin, and try to pierce the inflammatory areas and will be able to improve the condition with salicylic acid, aspirin. Currently there are peeling products where salicylic acid has a rodent effect and therefore will eliminate the inflammatory effect. Next, mix it with vitamin C to decrease the inflammatory state.

It is Very important to never touch the buttons!

How to solve the problem of scars?

When there is no longer an inflammatory state, there is a state of scarring. The skin must be flat and check that there is more sebum inside that could be extracted. Here, we tackle cell regeneration and make a peel based on fruit acid. We will dekeratinize the skin and increase regeneration with marine collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. 

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