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How to choose your make up brushes

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13 September 2011


On your way to a flawless look, the choice of your brushes can have a big point to it. You have to know each type, each use and texture. Here are some examples of brush types and their utility.

Powder brush :

With the use of a medium tight brush you can spot perfectly on your skin the needed make up. It needs to be precise and directional so to have the wanted look.

Blush brush:

A tapered brush is ideal. Always the smaller sizes are great because they can help you get the make up punctually. If you choose the bigger size you may get it wrong and have much more make up on your face than you need it.

Foundation brush:

There is much to choose on whether to use your fingers, cotton balls, sponge or brush when applying foundation. It is everyone’s choice when it comes to this as everybody feels more certain in a specific area. With the brush, sometimes it can be quicklier to apply the foundation and can cover more space in less time.

Concealer brush:

It is a great tool because in the need for hiding skin flaws, this can give an opaque look to it. The dense brushes are great because they get to the right point it needs concealed.

Bronzer brush:

When wanting to add a bronzer shine to your skin, this type of brush can do it well.

Eyeliner brush:

This type of brush is great for applying powder liners, gel or concealing imperfections. Also in this case, a dense brush is more accurate than other types.

Shadow brush:

The shadow brush can put a spot mark on your face. When using with the whole make up, you can mark a shadowed part on your eyes with a large brush.

Make up brushes are used to give a finished look to your entire make up and to maintain the desired part of your face with an intact look.