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31 Août 2020
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Our readers enjoy creativity the most. You seem to perfectly fit the concept. So, tell us a few words about you, Natalia Langsdale. 

There's something about being a polyglot in a constantly evolving world that attracts the will to move along with the trends and yet have the ability to stand out. Creativity should be my middle name. To anyone who knows me, I simply have creative ideas flowing 24/7, be it under my Bright Creativity PR and Marketing agency, My Riviera Weddings wedding planner company or now Made with Love by Natalia decor for home and soul.

I was born on an island that has produced some of the best writers in the world (UK) yet raised in cool Scandi vibes, renowned for its creativity and uniquity in Stockholm, Sweden. Then further south in the Mediterranean yachting capital amidst the most influential decision-makers and movers and shakers where I was rubbing shoulders with the yachting and business aviation professionals working in these two respective fields for many years before launching my own PR & Marketing agency.

My professional journey has been a life-long one spent living and gaining wealth of experience abroad in the likes of buzzing hot spots to include London, Edinburgh, Auckland, Stockholm, Heidelberg, Warsaw, Dublin, Nice and Monaco. I have achieved bundles of valuable experiences, years of professional dedication, a natural entrepreneurial flair and a wealth of integrity and heaps of imagination as well as a positive can-do attitude.

Some of my recognitions include:
Luxuria Awards 'Best Young Marketer' Finalist Shortlisted 'Entrepreneur of the Year' in London Vice President of Young Professionals in Yachting Monaco, Team member and volunteer at the first edition of TEDx Monte-CarloLondon-Monaco Blue Marine Foundation cycle ambassador 'Luxury Expert' on six-part TV documentary called 'World's Most Luxurious' on UK Channel 5, Guest host on "Luxury with Natalia" airing on Yachting International Radio then own YouTube Host, Hand-picked as wedding planner of the Riviera in Madame Figaro Magazine.

What are the main two words to describe what you are doing?

Sustainable Beauty (for Home and Soul) - Made with Love by Natalia

How is it to be a woman journalist and entrepreneur in this world, in this area?
Being a woman in my field has not had any apparent side effects, other than sometimes realising that you become second choice one day, then the next day the phone rings and the first choice that was run by a male-led agency, had not done as good a job as the client wanted and then I come in to pick up the pieces and what I do best, bring results! I think integrity and being humble has led me to the place I am in today and everyday. Doesn't matter your sex or colour, as long as you give respect, you will get respect back. Sure there are hiccups on the way, but life would be boring if there was no obstacle or challenge facing us.

What pushes you to be creative?

I love pushing boundaries, going outside a comfort zone, whether it be my own or others. I do not follow the path as others might do, and that has been my forte all along. People call on me because of my spark for imagination and testing new grounds. If you are after something that has been sen and re-seen, then I am not the one for you. Same goes for my Made with Love by Natalia - each piece is unique and deserving of those who want to stand bold, are unafraid of being seen with statement pieces, and above all, backing sustainable fashion at its very best.

What are your main aces?

This is one question that makes me squirm as I don't have one or two or three. Everyday I find myself experimenting and finding new skills I never thought I had! Those who know me would probably say my attention to detail, ability to look beyond a given situation and bring something new to the table. Each time surpassing expectations. I love getting that wow factor and um's and ah's.

What are your future visions? Where do you place yourself in the years to come?

Having recently moved from the French Riviera to the Atlantic Coast, heart to true sailors and race sailing, I plan to continue with my three businesses, yet giving more credibility and time to what I love doing most now - Made with Love by Natalia. Growing sustainable fashion in an area that thrives on nature and the ocean. It's fascinating how the helm of one's boat can veer into a new direction with the help of some wind in the sails. In my case it was COVID-19 that swerved my day to day "normality." My goal, daily and in life is to seize the day (Carpe Diem) and continue to make magic in whatever way I can until I can no more. 

Interview by Andra Oprea



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