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How Home Decors Can Affect Pest Infestation

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15 December 2020

It feels like a nightmare when you have to go into a new house and worry about an infestation of pests. It may easily cause a change on the overall appeal of your house. Imagine relaxing at the house and every night you hear noises from rodents or preparing dinner for your family and you see bugs all over.

It is always disgusting to see pests around your house and, to some extent, embarrassing when visitors come and realize so. However, these infestations might be as a result of your own doing. The kind of decorations you put in the house determine if these pests will make the house their residence too. Check out some of the factors that facilitate this at your homes.

Home design and decoration that may cause pest problems

The big question is, why are pests always a problem at my place? This question can be pretty disturbing to any homeowner. In this section, you will see some of the things at home that might be the reason for the pests to infest.

1.Too much wooden furniture

Everyone likes a home that has the feel of wood because it looks cool. However, too much wood may be the start of pest problems. Most of the pests, such as termites and wasps, like the feeding of wood. It may cause some holes on the wood, which result to early decay.

2. Plant decorations

Yes, a home is a special place that you might want to make it look, especially in line with your particular interests. So many people feel like having flowers at the house entrance or along the hallways of the house may look beautiful. Inasmuch as this is okay, remember that this is the breeding ground of mosquitoes, which may be your doom.

3. Dark themes for the house

The colour of paint and home decorations you choose for your house may be a motivator for pest infestation. Pests like mosquitoes like dark places and they thrive well. With the introduction of too much dark theme to your place might as well be an invitation free card for the mosquitoes. As a result, they may end up causing diseases to you.

4. Gaps in the house

Many homes have different designs and some of them may result in having gaps. These gaps may be as ventilators for air circulation in the house. However, they might be a great passage for pests such as rats and rodents. These pests are very harmful to the works of the house as they may alter the wiring system of the building.

5. Material used for building

Many buildings vary from the materials used. Some may be of metal, wood or concrete. Without the regular maintenance of the building, it may cause rotting, worn out and cracking. As a result, this may be an invite for pest infestation.

The material in a building might tell you the vulnerability of the place to pests infestation. By first realizing how to maintain the house condition might be a saviour for this problem.

6. Foundation of the house

The level of contact between your house and the soil plays a big role in pest infestation. To avoid inviting rats and termites to your building, make sure that there is some concrete along the wall foundation to avoiding building up of soil which might invite them.

7. The condition of the ceiling and ventilation areas

These two in most cases are adjacent to each other in most houses. The more heat you find on the ceiling and damage to the ventilation area may be a space offered for the infestation part of pests. However, you can reduce this problem by frequent repair of the attic. Through repair, the holes on the attic may show you the breeding place of pests.


It is not that hard to notice signs of pest infestation in your home. There are simple signs such as webs, nests and cracking sounds on the ceiling that is the beginning of the pest problem. However, you should have no fear about it when it happens because through Excel Pest Services, you gain much control over pests at home.