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Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, the Reinvention of an Icon

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11 January 2019

Established in 1864 to offer more than just a hotel and to introduce the new Monte Carlo experience across Europe, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo is now writing a new page in its history. 2014-2018: Four years have gone into reinventing this iconic palace to give even greater meaning to the dream of its founder, François Blanc, "a hotel that goes beyond anything that has been created so far," and thus perpetuate its legend in the 21st century. Partial reconstruction, harmonization of volumes, design of new spaces, realization of new exclusive suites, evolution of gastronomy, this program of metamorphosis was entrusted to architects Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora, who put themselves at the service the building to magnify it, while preserving its timeless spirit.

A metamorphosis made step by step

Since May 2017, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo has successively revealed its new facets. May 2017, the new Rotunda is even more beautiful with new rooms that raise the standard of this mythical hotel: 34 m2 minimum, made with the finest materials. At its summit, The Grill is more than ever suspended between heaven and earth. In addition, the brand new Hairspa Rossano Ferretti is also opening. November 2017, the sumptuous Princess Grace Suite is inaugurated by HSH Prince Albert II and Princess Stephanie. It becomes the most exclusive suite of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo to date.June 2018, it is the turn of the famous American Bar to show his new finery - and its new terrace open to the sea and the Place du Casino.The Monte-Carlo suite extends the Monte-Carlo Casino's "luxury of the game" experience, in the heart of the hotel for the most prestigious players on the planet, in search of discretion and even more refined customization. December 2018, before last stage. The Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo reveals its patio. A brand new 671 m2 planted space created in the heart of the hotel, such as a prestigious courtyard reserved for the initiated, welcomes the Graff Houses, Harry Winston, Omega, Stardust.The famous restaurant Louis XV - Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris found its original case side Place du Casino.La Salle Empire whose golds, frescoes and hangings have been restored to its full brilliance.

January 2019, the epilogue

ÔMER, the new restaurant of Alain Ducasse reveals his table dedicated to all the Mediterranean. Open on the gardens of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, recomposed by Jean Mus, OMER invites you to travel at breakfast. At the end of January, the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo will unveil a spectacular suite, placed on its roof overlooking the Casino Square: The Prince Rainier III Suite. More than a suite: a unique experience for exceptional travelers. The Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo will have 207 keys, a mix of 60% of suites and 40% of rooms, the two most exceptional suites of the Riviera, a legendary bar and a unique culinary repertoire that is associated with one of the largest private cellars in the world, the Cellar of the Hotel de Paris. For Ivan Artolli, General Manager of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo: "the transformation of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo reaffirms the original dream of the founder of the Monte-Carlo Group of Sea Baths" .Before adding "Whether they come from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Russia, Asia or Brazil, our distinguished guests know when the revolving door of the Hôtel de Paris Mont- Carlo, that they will live a unique parenthesis of their life. We must continue to make them dream ... "

A context of renewal for the Monte-Carlo Group Société des Bains de Mer

The transformation of the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo is part of the vast program of metamorphosis of the Monte-Carlo Resort Society of Sea Baths, in its historic heart around the Place du Casino, 150 years after its creation. A metamorphosis that touches the entire Place du Casino area, with the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the opening of One Monte-Carlo and the reconfiguration of green spaces, to affirm the Group's 2020 vision: Make Monte-Carlo Carlo Société des Bains de Mer the most exclusive destination in Europe.